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……And no its not what bubs gender is!!! LOL

But it is the launch of my dream business :p

Craig and I are proud to announce BEYOND BELLY has now been launched to Australia!!

Beyond Belly is an online maternity wear and accessory store for the modern mum. We stock clothing in the form of shirts, pants, skirts and dresses. We cater for the smaller sized mum (12) to the plus sized mum (26). Our stock is from well known companies, Fresh Mums and Barefoot Maternity.

We will also be stocking Milk Bands and Milkscreens shortly.

In the coming weeks we will also be branching out into MCN’s (Modern Cloth Nappies) from a reputable company in Canada known as Monkey Doodlez.

Right now it is a very exciting time for all of us. We hope with everyones support and on going commitment we will help all mums to be and breastfeeding mums with our exciting range of products!

So please… join in the celebrations and jump onto our site and see for yourself

*** ***

Well ive been slack and not updated in what seems like months….but really just a few weeks.

So an update:

1. Chelsea had her 8 month check up….weighs 8.3kg and now 68cm long!

2. Craig is now at home full time with me after parting with the company he worked with

3. Im in alot of pain….bub is not being nice to Mummy at all…and still not head down!!

4. Have been working hard on our new business venture…more info to follow…so keep your eyes on this site for more information 88|

5. Nursery beginning to take shape…cant describe it cos then you will know if we have a Prince or Princess baking!!

6. Have been researching MCN (Modern Cloth Nappies) for the 2 kids….gotta be cheaper then 2 in sposies!!

7. Have gained 7.5kg and keep getting in trouble with my GP…..tell me how im supposed to grow a baby.. and not gain weight?? |-|

8. Only 8 WEEKS and 2 DAYS to our bubby arrives :p:p:p:p


Chelsea had her Baptism on Sunday 5th August 2007. It was a great day for all involved and she looked so much like a doll in her white gown. Pictures are now on her site!!

A huge thanks goes to my Mum,Dad, Kathy, Peter, Angela, Louise, Granny, Megan, Sandra and Ean for making their way down from NSW for the occassion. It was very much appreciated!

Chelsea done very well on the gift front as well… very spoilt!! pics on page 4!!

Happy Birthday to my niece Dannika for today!!! Hope you have a great day sweetheart!!

On other things…3 days til Chelsea’s Baptism, Mum and Dad come tomorrow, with Craigs family flying in on Saturday.

Had a hospital check up yesterday and everything is going great with M2. Only 11 weeks and 3 days to goooooo :P

Chelsea has now got another toothy peg!! Right next to her first one… its giving her grief tho….screaming, crying and alot of wingeing. Cant be left alone, always wants to be held…even if she can see you she gets very upset :'(

Only 13 weeks and 3 days until M2 makes his/her arrival!! Getting very excited!!

Chelsea has her Baptism in 17 days… thanks all the slackers who HAVE NOT YET sent a RSVP card…or at least made contact with us. You know who are are and im not impressed.

Huge thanks to those who have made contact and we look forward to seeing you once again at a special time for us and our family.

Yesterday was our 1 YEAR WEDDING ANNIVERSARY!!!!

I however was sick, and spent all day in bed while Craig watched Chelsea… who was an angel for him. Such a good girl!!:.

Today is also my nieces 11th Birthday..



>:XX Me its gone faaaaaaaaaaaaast!!


Baptism invites have now been sent out… people should all have them by now!

Lets see how many can make it now!!

Today Chelsea got her first TOOTH!!!!!!!

Well its not cut yet, but just under the surface!! MY bubba is growing up to fast!!

M2 has another scan this Friday at 10am too!!

Chelsea’s Baptism will be held on Sunday 5th August 2007. Invites out shortly!!

Today we have been decorating her room..looks so pretty and girly :>>

Chelsea now says DADA.. :)

So far we have Mama/mum, Bub/Bubby/Bubba and Dada