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Ya see i have been accused of saying shit…which i didnt….ahhh the joys of stuck up bitches on the rag.

So lets see the post i couldnt post cos they all got scared and closed the thread:

Well….lets see….maybe if the ‘Modsquad’ came to me first inregards to the matter then MAYBE it could have been fixed as you all put it…but noooo…they just took it apon themselves to assume and act in a power tripped way.

Theres 2 sides to a story…but unless your a popular person they will out you.

Yes i have removed alot of people from my FB, not over this, but because i dont need people in my life i have very little time for or contact (or know for that matter).

This site is definately not the one i joined over 3 years ago, that i have supported via MPM, Platinum membership and recently life membership….hope you put my money to good use

Mods have removed all my access to the private sections and support groups that i need that i have PAID for….i was never asked about this so called ‘privacy breech’ and never got to back up what i was accused of. No evidence was even presented to me. I PM’d the mod who sent me the message…but alas, no response there either.

What am i supposed to make of a simple PM stating:

It has come to our attention that you have been passing on information from private user groups to other members of BellyBelly.
At BellyBelly we take breeches of privacy extremely seriously as there are members who share very personal information as we’re sure you’ve done as well. In order to maintain the integrity of our site your access to all private user groups has been removed & will not be reinstated, this also includes the platinum member group,

So what info….wheres the evidence…..NO WHERE..they are all fucked in the head and cant reply cos they are all power trippers

Whats new?

Well seeing though its been 4 months since my last post….ALOT is new!!

Now 7 months old 88|
He has 2 bottom teeth
He has just begun rolling back to front
Solids he isnt interested….sounds familiar (Jasmine was the same)
At his last check up the stats were: 8.4kg, 72cm long… baby is growing fast

Now 22 months
Saying loooots of words
Loving her food
Picked out a new big girl bed, sould be here soon
Had her first air cut
Favoutite naughty act is Biting :no:

Now 33 months old
Miss chatterbox…never stops talking
Loving FDC still
Stared toilet training
Had her first hair cut…is now very short :D

On 16th August it was Zacherys Baptism, was a great day. Mum couldnt get down as she was to sick, afer a 2nd stay in hospital only a month prior. It was only a 1 week stay this time.

We have shut down our marine tank :'(

I cant think of anything else at the moment….im sure theres more!

While im at it…..if your looking for an awesome forum…come join the gang at Time For A Cuppa

Geez ive been slack AGAIN and not posted in agggggges :roll:

So best give an update.

3rd April seen Mum admitted to hospital with pneamonia. I was so worried about her and flew up on the 8th to stay with Dad for a few days and go visit her. After many drugs, scans and tests she was finally discharged on the the 17th…..14 whole days locked inside a hospital not getting much better. She is still off work and making a very slow recovery

Zachery had his 3 month check up and weighed 6.4kg, 63cm long and 41.3cm head. He is such a giggly bub and always smiling. He is also our first THUMB SUCKER :))

Jasmine is coming leaps and bounds. She is now on full cows milk and eatting every bit of food in sight. She is also talking more.

Chelsea..OMG she is a handful ;)
Miss attitude has been turned on in full swing now and leave lovely bite marks all over poor Jasmine. We have had a break through on bottles…NO MORE……she has given them up just need to work on the dummy and toilet training B)

As for Craig and me. On the 18th April we flew up to Kathy and Peters (with the 3 kiddies) for a week. On the 20th we drove down to Mums to visit them for a few days as well.

Craigs work has been very busy, currently doing migrations so he is out alot but its nearly all done :D

…and me….not alot is happening. Not sleeping very well and constantly have headaches…feel like im falling apart big time |-|

Well what can i say about miss Chelsea other then…i love her to bits!

She is getting very advanced with her speech, forever talking!!!!!

The back chatting isnt so nice however….nor is the smacking (we are always in trouble with her). She bites and pinches alot… |-|

She is going well at day care, has been doing lovely painting and pasting. I love when she brings home her art and craft..its so cute.

How fast time has gone…Chelsea is now 27 months old…before i know it she will be 3!

As most of you know Jasmine was a very different child when it came to solids.
While all other babies of her age were scoffing down solids….Jasmine was still just having her milk.

Around 9 months she turned the corner and began taking to yoghurts and custards….and the one vegetable, potato.

Now at 16 months im soooooo happy to report i have my healthy happy (and to me a new child) solid food eater at last!!!!!

Jasmine is now eating what ever we eat for dinner…most of the time double what Chelsea eats.

She eats biscuits, sandwiches, apples, grapes, chucky food…the lot!

She was 15 months eating nothing but yoghurt and custard…..Fast forward 1 month and totally a different child.

I knew she would have to begin eating food eventually, but just so proud with how far she has come :>>

She still has 3 bottles a day, but tbh..i dont care….the main thing is she is eating food and loving it!

Next step is teaching her to feed herself….right now she has no interest in it, but i know she will…she just amazes me when things change out of the blue!

Today our little man turns 8 weeks old :p

Time has flown since his much awaited birth. I cant help but sit here and reflect on the past 8 weeks. How far he has come. How much he has changed. How much love and warmth he brings me each and every day i wake.

So whats he doing now:

Trying to turn over

Other important things:

He is now in a size 000, some 0000 clothes fit but not many
He is stil wrapped at night to sleep, but by morning has his hands out
He favours his left side when sleeping
He smiles the most at his early morning feed
He is due for 2 month needles :'(

The other day the owner of Time For A Cuppa forum asked me to be a mod!! Of course i said yes…i love the site and id do anything to keep it going. I want people to join cos its an awesome place :>>

Time For A Cuppa – An awesome forum where you can come and have a chat

BellyBelly – Pregnancy, Birth and Baby Forum

Arimehs Clothie Bumz – Modern Cloth Nappies ran by the gorgeous Mel

Blink and you might have missed the past 6 weeks!

Master Zachery Liam is now 6 weeks old and time isnt stopping for anyone..especially me who doesnt want her little man to grow up just yet :(

Not much has been going on. On the weekend we made the trip up to NSW to visit mum and dad, and Renee and the 3 kids came down too…was great seeing them all at once.

Our trip up (and back) wasnt to good though. The story is below:

Thursday night we set off at 10pm to head to NSW for the weekend. The family were yet to meet Zachery and my sister was making a special trip down (4 hours) to Mums to also meet him and catch up with the girls.

So in the car and off we gooooooo…packing was the easy bit….i had enough clothes to last a year i think |-|

We were finally on the other side of the city and Jasmine nodded off (YAY)…and soon after Chelsea and Zachery were out to it as well (triple YAY) :p

Around 1230am or so Zachery decided he wanted another feed. So we pulled into the nearest service centre and gave him a feed. Jasmine decided she wanted one too.

Went to change Chelsea’s nappy and her whole seat was wet…as were her clothes…damn nappy leaked BIG TIME….so had to pull the boot apart to get new clothes for her. Then find blankets to put under her to stop the new clothes getting wet.

Finally by 130am we were on the way yet again!!!!

Driving along we could hear a noise…sounded a bit like the spokes you had as kids on your bikes. So we found a truck stop and had a look. Well then we figured out we had no torch and it was pitch black :no:

So by mobile phone light it was clear the tyre was not in a good way…there was wire (mesh looking stuff) coming out everywhere, the smell was horrible, but it wasnt flat. Figured it would be best if we changed it anyhow. So out comes everything in the boot again to get the spare and the jack.

Jacked up the car to then discover it had a lock nut on it, and when we bought the car the old owner didnt leave the nut thingo to get the bolt off :>

To top it off i checked Zachery and discovered he had vomitted EVERYWHERE…it was puddled in his seat and all over him….so had to do a whole clothes change for him then!

We had no choice but to drive on to the nearest town and call RACV who then called NRMA to come help. By then it was 3am and we waited for NRMA to arrive.

Zach wanted another feed, so i fed him while the tyre was replaced. By 445am we were back on the road!

Finally arriving at mums a bit after 9am!

Saturday we took the tyre to get replaced to be told we were lucky to have survived driving with the tyre at all. Apparently all the tryes on the car were re-treads and not to safe 88|

So 4 brand new tyres later and $380 gone….the car was safe again!!!

On the way home (Monday) the trip was just as bad minus the tyre dramas….it took forever to get home due to road works, Zacherys continuous need for feeds and the girls just refusing to sleep

So there ya go….my #1 tip is dont travel with kids and make sure you have good tyres

On a side note…..Apart from the trip and and back we had a great time

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