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Well tonight Chelsea’s school held a 1 hour parent class.

If gave us an opportunity to see what our kids actually do all day.

So what did WE do:

  • Had story time
  • Sung songs
  • Painted, done drawings, played on the computers, musical instruments, water play and puzzles

We were shown how the children are disciplined (taken out of the group and spoken to, explanation of what they were doing wrong and how it makes the teacher feel using emotion words), one on one communication time and group activities

I thoroughly enjoyed the night and gave me a better understanding of why Chelsea loves going to school so much 🙂

Also, i loved how i spent the night with Chelsea’s teaching. It was good that i could speak to her about how Chelsea is going, and she was able to give me some feedback on her as well.

Well today is my Nephew’s 9th Birthday. I cannot believe its been 9 years since Brendan was born, my gosh its gone fast!!

We hope you had a great day matey 🙂

Do you Blog?

Im really into reading blogs at the moment. One that i really like to read is a lady who sadly lost her bub at 32 weeks. A beautiful little Prince. I dont know her all that well, but i know from her blog she is a very strong and brave Mummy. Her blog is soothing to read, it is called Sweet Soft Smudge.

I also like Enjoying the Small Things. A Mum of 2 girls. Her 2nd was born with Downs Syndrome. She wasn’t aware of this until her baby was born.

Another i read is a blog by my friend Sally. Her blog is Parenting Premmies. The journey of her 2 sons, both born premature. Her 1st son was born at 30+1 weeks and then her 2nd son at 34+3 weeks. Yet another strong Mum and its such a blessing to know her.

Most of the time i blog hop….. i begin at one blog, and then see blogs they have linked to and then start reading those.

So… Do you blog?

Post a comment if you do and ill check you out as well 🙂

My oh my how time flies…..on this date 16 months ago Mr Zachery Liam entered the world!!!!!

At the moment he is very sick, poor bubby couldn’t sleep very well yesterday, he just kept crying and wanting to be held. Even Nurofen and Dimetapp didn’t help. Was early dinner, shower and bed for all 3 kiddies.

As for the other 2 kids…OMG they are a handful. Chelsea is getting the worst attitude and Jasmine is in close 2nd. Tonight it took Craig and myself over a hour to clean the house. They had toys spread out, clothes (not sure what was clean and dirty…it all went in the wash) everywhere, food and crumbs all over the floor….the list goes on. PIG STY!

I don’t dare try and clean their rooms while they are home, it will take a day to do it LOL

What else……

Cheyne, Mick and Angelo are currently in USA. They are over there for 3 weeks. LUCKY DUCKS. How i wish i was there and not here right now.

Tomorrow is my Nephew Brendan’s 9th birthday….wow that’s gone quick too 🙂

Happy Mothers day to my Mum Judy, my MIL Kathy, my Nan, Craig’s Grandma Anne, Craig’s Nan and to all the Mums to be and mums of Angel babies.

On this day we thank our mums for all they have given us, for how they have raised us and for making us the mums we are today.

I know our angel baby Melanae is looking down on me today and sending her love and kisses.

I am thankful for the 3 beautiful earth babies i have. Every day they bring me happiness and i know that i am truly blessed.

Chelsea made me a beautiful card at school:

I also got a beautiful card that has messages from Craig and the kids inside 🙂

Some gorgeous PJ’s and bed socks:

And some Jodi Picoult books:

Cant forget the yummy McDonalds for breaky too!!!

Today is a bad day. I would have been 18 weeks pregnant 🙁

Instead im still empty and my body is still not in tune. Ive been having medical tests and ultrasounds, just got another lot to go before i know whats going on.

Its hard reading about people who are pregnant. Or having their 18 week scans or buying baby clothes in preparation for their new bundles.

Maybe its the million chicks who have given birth recently thats upsetting me too.

All i know is, things are hard. Maybe 3 is our limit and thats why my body isn’t allowing me to have another bub. Either way, im not at peace and feel like shit.