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Right we all know things come in 3’s…

1. Our car get tail ended and written off
2. We buy a new car and the heater doesnt work so we loose it for a further week after we get

THEN…..Friday night / early Saturday morning.. the 3rd problem hits..

3. Our car gets broken into 

From what we can tell, all that was stolen was our GPS. It wasnt in view, the charger was put away, the mounting bracket hidden and the unit itself out of sight too….but it was still found and taken.

How we figured it out was, Craig had to go out to get cat food. He unlocked the car and went to get in.

Until he noticed the GPS car charger on the driveway (on the ground, outside the car). Opened the door and the glove box was open…no GPS. Looked in another handy compartment (between the 2 seats) and the mount was gone too.

So he calls me out….im fuming cos some one has been in MY car….whilst i was annoyed about the GPS…i was more angry someone had touched our items.

Craig checked the car over and the kids seats and pram was still there, cant find anything else missing.

So he goes off to get the food, i call NW Police and let them know. They ask for the car to be taken around to be finger printed.

Long story short….GPS is gone….and no fresh finger prints were found (other then our own). So a bit of a bummer.

This GPS was actually a gift off our friends when we got the car.

What i find funny is, unless the thieves have another GPS the same…then once the unit goes flat, it cant be charged as we have the mains power cord, and they left the car charger bit behind. Im guessing they did grab it, but then dropped it, hence why it was on the drive way 😆

With bills piling up and our holiday next month, we sadly had to cancel our trip up to visit my family. Its a real shame cos i know how much the kids and i were looking forward to it.

Never mind, we will head up in September for Dads birthday with a bit of luck.

On top of bills and lack of money, Chelsea and Zachery have the runs now, so a road trip wouldn’t have been fun at all 🙁

Gosh i hope everyone is better soon!

14 today!!

Today is my Nieces 14th Birthday!

Happy Birthday Rhiannon, we hope you have a lovely day 🙂

On this date,  8th July 2006, I said I Do. I married my best friend, i became his wife.

Today marks 4 years of marriage to my soul mate Craig. I couldnt have asked for a better husband in the whole wide world. He is my best friend, and the best daddy to our gorgeous kiddies.

I hope the next 4 years (and beyond) are as good as the first 4!!

Love you to the moon and back Craig 🙂

Poor Chelsea has a temperature and cough. Now Jasmine has the runs.

Can it get any worse….im not feeling the best myself either.

PLEASE dont get sick Zachery or Craig….i cannot handle a household full of sick people 🙁

Today is my sisters 38th Birthday….old fart!!!

Happy Birthday Renee, we hope you have a great day 🙂

And no…not of the human kind sadly.

This week thats what i lost in weight 🙂 🙂

Next month we are heading off on a road trip up to Kandos to visit my family. Its going to be a very QUICK trip up and back, but least we’ll see my folks and Renee (and kids).

Im already dreading the drive…..3 small kids and a long car ride is never ever fun.

We are leaving on Friday morning and we will be back in Melbourne come Monday night…..told ya it was short. I wanted to go longer, but Craig is being a fuss pot and wont (or maybe its cant?) get more time off work cos of some project he is working on. Also cos we go away in August…

Id go alone, but in a deadly driver, i fall asleep way to fast, so it wouldn’t be safe for the kids or myself to take that option!

25 weeks…

Exactly how far i SHOULD have been along now with our little Raindrop. Reality still hasn’t set in that our little bundle wont be coming in October.

I hate reading about how well other pregnancies are going, i hate seeing pregnant women.

One of Chelsea’s teachers is pregnant….and due in October.

I know she is gone….but i don’t want to accept it still.

It really really sucks. I mean I’m happy for a few of my friends that are pregnant….but then there’s others that i wish were going through what i am…but no, they are carrying healthy, happy and ALIVE babies due the same month i would have been.

All i have to focus on is our cruise which leaves in 50 days….or 7 weeks 1 day

Australia now has a new…..PRIME MINISTER.

Julia Gillard has pushed Kevin Rudd out of his job because she ‘felt the government were going off track’….Hmmm OK

Julia is also our first female PM

So yes, now was have this red headed Ranga….god only knows if she will do any good. An election will be called for Oct / Nov this year and she will be up against Tony Abbott

Both are as useless as each other i reckon!

I don’t follow politics, never have and never will, bores me shit less!

Anyhow…this is what our new PM looks like: