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New Job

Well tonight i found out that i scored myself a new job. Its working at Moss Vale after school care and vacation care centre. I will be working Monday to Friday. I am on a 4-6 week trial and if everything goes well i could possibly be offered a traineeship for 18 months.

I am happy to have found something so soon after leaving Woolies.

Ok, so i have done it again. Changed my mind on the dresses!
But this time i’m 110% sure on my decision. I have added another bridesmaid so i have even amount of girls to guys (so when photos are taken u have an even number of couples on either side). Now we have a total of 14 in the bridal party! Welcome to Sarah :) (yes another Sarah LOL).

No longer will Mel be the odd one out. All the girls will be wearing the same now. We done this because like me, Craig didn’t speak up at the last fittings and say he wasn’t keen on the colors he was wearing (all secret) so now we are back to original plan and style!

Craig and i spent a full weekend in Campbelltown organising dresses, paying off my dress, and adding more flowers to the list! We also ordered our rings, once again mine is being hand made and i love it!

Also for those who don’t know as yet, i have left Woolworths and i am enjoying some time to myself, not working as yet but its on the cards!

The Countdown

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Mind Changing

Well as most would know, I’ve done it again and changed my mind on the dress Mel was wearing.

After many discussions with Craig and Sarah, i have changed Mel’s dress so she is not the odd one out (Sorry Mel). But for some of us…. we know Mel still will be different to Angela and Sarah…. but how? Those who are invited to the wedding will have to stay tuned ! :D

Now all the girls will have strapless dress and i am happy once again.

Other then that nothing else to report on. Just have Sarahs dress and our rings to do on the weekend and then we are all set for another few months when all the places will want more money.

Also forgot to mention. Rhiannon will now have a partner. So Sam, welcome to the party as well!!

What a day…Saturday!

Thursday seen Shane and Mick drive up from Melbourne in order for us to do suit fittings. Saturday Kathy (Craigs mum) and Angela (Craigs sister) came down from Newcastle, Mel and her friend Lyn from Menai.

Mum, Dad, Craig and I plus the non-locals (lol) met up at Calabro for the day I’ve been waiting for. Actually seeing the guys and girls in their frocks and suits :P

I thought the guys were going to be the hardest…. i was wrong. All along i have wanted strapless dresses for the girls…. and i was set on it. But nup…. no one would agree with me on them. Angela looked better in strapless as did Mel, but everyone disagreed with me saying Mel looked better in the style with straps. I will admit… i was stressed and it P***ED me off big time cos of it. In the end i gave up and agreed that Mel would have to be the odd one out. Angela and Sarah will have strapless and Mel will have straps (even though i still am not sure why i dropped my guard… but ah well… on the wedding day I’m sure I’m not going to be caring what any one is wearing but myself).

Next the girlies picked out and brought their shoes. Silver with sparkly things on them…very nice indeed!

Mel had to leave so the remaining people had some lunch and then headed back to my dress shop where i tried on the dress so i could show Kathy and Angela…Smiles all round so i guess it was a winner with them too.

Next Saturday Craig and I will be jetting back up to Campbelltown to get Sarahs dress and order wedding rings.

:) Now only 207 days to go :)

Cos im a nice person i thought id be nice to give Craig’s business a plug :P

Take a look and u might just find what u have been looking for!!

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Well not much is new to update on.

Sunday 12th Feb we decided on a cake. Not going to give to many details away, just that its 3 tiers, white icing, and has some flowers on it, oh and that it is really yummy :)

Last Saturday Craig and I went to the Macarthur Bridal Expo which was held at Eschol Park House. Was not much to see there for us as all of our wedding is pretty much done. Picked up a few information guides on honeymoons and stationary items but thats about it. Only good thing there was Craig was able to see what the 2 stretch limos looked like that we have hired!

What else….. Congratulations to my sister Renee for getting a new job at her local aged care facility. Well done!

Myself and a friend have recently joined Curves, which is a chick only gym. We go 3 times a week and each session only lasts 30 minutes. It dont seem like much but from what ive been told and seen, it works. Hoping come the wedding ill look nice in my dress. I have 6 months to make myself look better then the shape i am now, so its a race against time!

Really not much has been happening in ways of the wedding planning because its all been done. All thats left now is to get my shoes, invitations and organise a few more things at the reception, that being decorations.

:D Only 218 days to the wedding now :D

This weekend Craig and I had goals we had to achieve before coming home…and we met them all with the help of good ol’ Mum!

First off we dropped into Calabro to buy the hankies for the guys suits (in order to see if they would 1. go with my dress and 2. match up flower colours). While we were in there it was suggested we pick out the style for the suits and so forth, so when we take the guys in there next month we will know what to get and just a matter of sizing the guys up. There are so many to choose from and we knew what kinda look we were going for so it made the decision easier. With a great suit hire deal on at the moment we booked the suits in order to get the discount. In this wedding planning game, where you can find a saving you take the chance up there and then!

Next we went to see Kylie at Acute Flowers. Looked through the many different kinds of bouquets she can do i was even more confused. In the end i decided on the flowers i wanted and needed. It was fun though, never realised how many different kinds of flowers there were.

After taking nealry 1 hour to choose flowers we had to stop for some lunch.

From there we headed to our secret wedding night accomodation destination to check out the rooms and pay a deposit. All looks good and now booked in.

I also needed to order my dress so next stop was the bridal shop. Not knowing if i would need a hoop mum and I decided on with the dress we go again! Yup we need it and it makes it look much better. Also picked out a gorgeous tiara to go with the dress as well as veil. All done and ordered.

Last thing on the ‘to do list’ was reception. Craig had not yet seen the venue but had heard alot about it. All was happy with the room and mum is now dealing with the lady organising our function.

All in all was a very productive but long day!

Sunday 12th Feb we are all off to visit Bev Brown our cake lady!

Link to Acute Flowers

Well tonight one of my old school friends Wendy got engaged to her great boyfriend Stuart.

From Craig and I we say a very BIG congratulations to them both!!! :)

As they begin their planning, we continue our own. With the new year here we have not as yet got back into the organising phase. So far i have been able to arrange a date for the 3 girls to try on and order dresses.

We will start more of the plans next month when we choose cake, flowers and get the guys together to try on suits, and to order my dress!!

263 days to go :P


Welcome to 2006!!

I hope you all had a great christmas and no one got overly drunk lastnight at their NYE celebrations.

Now the new year is here… Craig and I must start to get back into planning mode…