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Ohhhh Dear…

Sorry Blog for neglecting you…and my readers who have been left wondering!!!!!

I have alot of catching up to do….but something tells me im going to be skipping alot of stuff as i cannot remember whats been going on 🙁

O M F G….My baby is off to Prep next year. My tiny Chelsea is growing up 🙁

I’m in denial she is going to be a preppy next year and no longer just a ‘kinder’ kid, but rather a real big school child!

So, theres like a million schools around here, but im a fuss pot and i have to approve of:

  • School uniform
  • School name
  • Amount of kids enroled
  • Amount of Indigenous kids
  • Amount of ‘ethnic’ (kids other then Aussie speaking language) enrolled
  • Location
  • Activities offered
  • Age of school
  • Facilities
  • Reputation

So ive managed to narrow my schools down to 2. Hillsmeade and Fleetwood. I just need to do school tours and suss both out more now. I then have to enrol her ASAP!!!

Round Up

Well whats new….

Ive moved house and settled in now. Its hard being away from the kids and not putting them to bed, but i see them often so its been great.

Chelsea’s swimming lessons have started back up, so each week we are enjoying our swim time.

Craig has moved into the old house and set it up his way.

Easter was ok, I had the kids on the Saturday and we went to Rocket Park, Macca’s and then a BBQ lunch/dinner.

Weight wise. Ive now lost 18.4kg!!!!!!!



Finallllllly after 4 years i have hit the same weight i was when i first found out i was pregnant with Miss Chelsea 🙂

Ive now lost 16.3kg and im very proud of my efforts!

Moving House!

Im moooooving!!! Into Bens place as this house has now gone into a rental and i dont wish to stay here. Craig is moving in and the kids will remain living here as well. On the days Craig works, i come and spend the day with the kids and then go home when he finishes work. I also have them every 2nd Saturday 🙂

Not moving far, just a few towns away, so only 10-15 minutes from here

Today a good friend Tina, her husband Matthew and 2 children, Mikayla and Matthew Jr welcomed their third baby and brother into the world!

Liam James was born at 805 am, weighing 3280 Grams and 50.5cm long

Congratulations Tina on another gorgeous addition to your already beautiful family 🙂

Goodbye to another 1kg!!! Ive now lost 15.8kg.

Its slow going, but at least the weight is slowing coming off 🙂


At last…my heater is fixed and we have warm housing again without it tripping my power meter!!!

A new fan, circuit board and $1200 later mind you LOL…but its warm and that’s all that i care about  🙂


Ooh La La!

Well where to begin.  As ive blogged before, i dont post very personal topics on here due to the nature and who reads my blog, but then i thought fook it…this is my blog and if i want to post something, then so be it!

Therefore i will post, that……i am very happy to say i have found a very lovely new partner. We have been close friends for some time now and as a result has formed a relationship between us. The kids adore him and we all have a fun time together.

I understand some will judge, some will be happy, some will be shocked and some will never want know me again….but that’s their choice and i respect that. I have moved on and yes, i am happy ive found some one i can love!

Last week i received a call to say we have finally been accepted into the Toddler Matters program for Zachery!! We start in early May. I sure hope we get some help or answers to what is going on 🙂