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On Sunday it was my MIL’s birthday.

So a huge big Happy Birthday to Kathy

We hope you had a lovely day and Thank You SOOOOOO much for watching Chelsea, Jasmine and Zachery while we were away!

A huge Congratulations to yet another TFAC friend who welcomed baby #4 , a beautiful baby girl

Amy gave birth to Emerson Margaret, weighing 6lb 15oz today at 430pm!!

In other news, Jo’s bub now has a name. So an official welcome to the world to Owen Jay 🙂

On Saturday 21st August we are meant to vote for our new PM.

So we have Tony Abbott for Liberal and Julia Gillard for Labor.

Now, i have NO IDEA about politics so my views on both parties are based on what others have said, commented about or just what Ive read on news websites etc.

Anyhow, so we’ll be at sea still on the 21st, we had to vote early, which we done today.

I don’t really like Abbotts view on soooooo many things….but i also don’t like some of Gillards….but at the end of the day….i went for the Ranga…come on Labor….win win win!

Two of my friends from TFAC have given birth 🙂

Jay delivered a baby girl named Leah Pearl by c/s last Wednesday 4th August, weighing a healthy 7lb 9oz


Jo delivered a gorgeous blue bundle, Baby Ummm (name still to be decided) on Sunday 8th August at 610am, weighing 7lb 10oz

Well 4 sleeps time Craig and i will be flying to Sydney ready for our cruise. I’m still not excited at all, gosh i hope i snap out of this soon!

Tonight we packed the suitcases. Still have more to pack but 90% is done.

Chelsea is excited about Grandma coming to stay, and knows Mummy and Daddy are going on holidays. Its Zachery I’m worried about. He is very MUMMMMMM at the moment and cant stand being out of sight from me. I’m really going to miss my baby snuggles with him while we are gone.

We also got an upgrade (or down grade depending how you look at it). We were on deck 7  (highest deck for sleeping) with an inside cabin, and we now are on deck 5 (second lowest deck), outside but with a window. So lower deck…but gained a window.

Im such a bad Aunty..i forgot my nieces birthday yesterday 🙁

Happy Belated 9th Birthday Dannika….we hope you had an awesome day!!

Uncle Vin front:

He is going really well. Now able to move his arms and legs, tries feeding himself and the nurses had him standing on Friday, but wasn’t able to walk. On the downside he has no speech still so is unable to communicate. He also had alot of fluid on the lungs and got pneumonia but a x-ray the other day showed its clearing!!

Tax front:

We submitted our tax on the 19th July….and on Friday we got our dosh from Centrelink!! Very happy we have money for our holiday and Christmas / Birthdays now.

Health front:

Everyone is healthy. No one is sick which is very good right now 🙂

Future front:

I have made the exciting decision to go back and study. This month i shall be applying for University to study a Bachelor of nursing. Its a 3 year full time course. I hope i get accepted, but if not, i know i have tried.

Holiday front:

Craig has new threads for our trip, im going shopping on Tuesday to get a few bits and pieces for myself. This time in 13 days we’ll be out at sea cruising kid free 😀

Random crap front:

On Friday i spilt noodle juice on my laptop. The screen looked fucked. It eventually turned back on and i thought damn, i was wanting a new one. Lucky me though, i have a great hubby and he went and bought me a newbie…i LOVE it!!

Late  last night Mum called to say Uncle Vin has had a stroke. He is in Hawkesbury Hospital. Mum  and Dad are travelling down today to be with him.

Apparently the stroke started in his mouth and then travelled down his arms and legs. He is currently paralysed and the doctors are not sure if its permanent or just a temporary set back.

He is unable to have food in case he cant swallow and chokes.

I’m praying he pulls through and things will be OK.

Waiting on a call from Mum later today to update how he is going.

Today is my gorgeous SIL’s 25th Birthday.

Happy Birthday Angela…we hope you have an awesome day 🙂

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3 weeks today, Craig and myself will be flying to Sydney in preparation for our cruise that leaves on the Saturday!!

Im finding it hard to get excited though. I know ill miss my babies terribly, but im going to try and enjoy it as much as possible. Its our belated honeymoon / kid free holiday.