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Well today was weigh and measure day AGAIN. Fully knowing id have put on weight and cm i was all prepared. I done just that. Gained in every area, but only a tiny bit so i was happy with myself. It could have been a lot worse.

My friend is going great guns now. Having lost 10kg, 36cm and 5% body fat she is sure looking really good!

RSVP cards are still very slowly rolling in. Up to 42 people now…..better then nothing. At this stage none of my friends are coming… great to know who you cant rely on for the biggest day of your life.

Sunday Mum and Dad are off to Melbourne for a week. I will be staying at their house to look after Cj and Bundy (cat and dog) while they are away.

Wedding getting very close now and starting to get exciting.

:D Only 44 days to go :D

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On the weekend Craig and I headed to Newcastle to spend mothers day with the family. Was a very enjoyable day catching up and discussing the wedding and baby. I had a really good time…despite being unwell STILL!

I was kind of hoping that this morning sickness would be starting to disappear seeing though I’m coming up to week 12…. but that’s not the case so it seems. Now i have this fear I’ll still have it come the wedding. Trying not to jinx myself.

Called the bridal shop today. Good news. My dress plus Rhiannon and Dannikas dresses are in. So in a few weeks when Renee can come down we can get them altered. Mines not being altered until 2 weeks before the wedding incase i get to fat in between them altering it and me having to wear it!!

RSVP’s are slowly coming in. Bit disappointed with Craig and I’s friends. None have as yet bothered to reply. I guess I’m meant to assume that the partners of bridal party are also coming, as again no word from them either. Hopefully things will pick up soon. Still 16 days of replying time left.

Yesterday was Brendans 5th birthday. Today is also my Nan’s birthday. Happy Birthday :)

:D Only 52 days to go :D

YAY…. we have found a new man to fulfill the last man standing!

Of course I’m talking about the Groomsmen spot that has been playing on our mind since the news came through that we had lost yet another man from the bridal party.

But thanks to a good mate of mine, James, he has helped out and greatfully accepted the role.

We would like to thank you James for making up the party and we hope you enjoy the day. :D

Nothing! LOL

Well not entirely true. Dad has brought a new car. Very nice to drive!!

An update on the Groomsmen we didn’t know about… he has now confirmed he CANNOT do it…so yep… we are now a man down. Got no idea what we are going to do. Craig has run out of friends to ask!

RSVP’s coming in slowly…. now have 24 people coming…. at this rate Mc Donalds party could still happen….LOL. So far we have not received 2 of the same cards, all have been different and very nice.

Still been sick, hopefully only another 2-3 more weeks of this.

Bridesmaids dresses nearly ready to come out of lay by and altered. Just waiting on all the girls to round up the final payment amount.

:) 59 days to go…getting so close now :)

Well today Craig and i headed to the doctors. Not alot was said. Was told (as I’ve been told from many people already too) that because I’m sick i have a healthy baby on board :). I have to go back in 4 weeks time to see how I’m going. I will also be booking into the hospital and antenatal classes then as well.

More blood was taken. The lady who took it was a vampire for sure. Hurt like hell and i now have the bruises to show for it.

Wedding is coming along well. At the moment I’m still one groomsmen down. But by Friday we will know for sure what is going on in that situation.

:D 67 days to go :D

Well not a lot to report on in recent days.

Bombonieres have now been ordered and should arrive late June.

A few people have already sent back RSVP so i’m happy about that.

Morning sickness still giving me grief….morning day and night i’m so over it! I go back to the doctors next Tuesday. So I’ll see how everything is going.

Curves is still going well. Its a struggle to get up each morning to go though. By the time i get home i feel worse then i did when i left to go. But i have to keep going!

The days and nights are starting to get really COLD i can only imagine what its going to be like come the Wedding….July is right in the middle of winter!!!

:D Only 71 days to go :D

If you have never seen me annoyed before then you are lucky you don’t live with me. Right now i don’t want to hear a thing about this night out. WHY?

***Cos it’s been CANCELLED. This is due to the fact that 95% of Craig and I’s family and friends are useless lazy buggers.***

Out of the 60 odd people that were invites we got 10… yes 10 RSVP’s for people coming. The rest were to dumb to reply or gave Mel or me every excuse that could be pulled from a book or the Internet.

I think i shall become an author “Kims book of useful excuses to use for that party you just cant be bothered attending”.

I sure hope that come the wedding we have every ones RSVP’s. NO reply, don’t expect to be allowed to attend what so ever. You will be asked to leave. We made the effort to invite you, you WILL make the effort to return the reply.

Very annoyed and shitty.

:) 75 days to the wedding :)

Well today was D-Day again. Weights and measure day at Curves!

I was fully expecting to walk in and not have lost a thing. But i was wrong!
Since last month i lost:

Weight: 1.4kg
Hips: 2cm
Wasit: 1cm
Thighs: 2cm
Abdomen: 1cm
Bust: 1cm

In total i have lost 9cm since i started going. Might not be much but im pretty happy :)

Where as my friend has now lost 28cm, and 7.2kg. Very PROUD and looking super hot now ;)

Night out RSVP is today. Still not many have replied….so yes i am still very dirty about it all.

Still feeling sick, nothing new there.

:D Wedding now only 78 days to go :D