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To everyone who visits the site Craig and I would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and happy and safe 2006.

Enjoy the festive season and dont get to drunk ;)

For those travelling away from home have a safe trip. We are off to Newcastle and Mudgee visiting relatives.

See you all in 2006…..where the countdown days begin to drop more and more.

Well not much has happened in the last few weeks. We finally got around to having a good look at all the lovely gifts we received off everyone, and thank you notes sent out.

With Christmas only 13 days away the shopping has started.. and for us completed. Now it is just a matter of it coming and going again and preparing for 2006.

2006 is going to be a busy year but an exciting one!!

We have also welcomed 2 new additions to our pet family. Minka (8 weeks old) and Blossom (12 weeks old) are our newest baby kittens. Unfortunately Salem and Pixie hate them and continually hiss and growl at them.:(

291 days to the Wedding…… going very quick :)

Cos im a nice person i thought id be nice to give Craig’s business a plug :)
Take a look and u might just find what u have been looking for!!

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On Saturday night i knew Renee felt uncomfortable in wearing the dress id picked….we had a chat and it was decided that Renee would be my best helper instead on my Matron of Honour at the wedding.

In return i had to find some one else……and that i did!

So….. MELINDA….Congrats….welcome to the bridal party!!!


So now we have:

Melinda and Shane
Angela and Terry
Sarah and Matthew

The Party

Saturday 26th November 2005…….THE PARTY

Indeed it was…. after we had a few last minute ‘We are not coming, sorry’ calls or sms….the night began.

It was so great to see and meet a lot of Craigs family id heard about… and i can now can put a face too. Vice versa.. my Aunty June and Uncle Vin were able to travel the distance and it was a joyous occasion to see them again….have not seen them both in 2 years.

Once most of the guests had arrived dinner was served…. all mum kept saying was ‘wow look at all the people’. Luckily there was plenty of food to go around. With 70 hungry people fed, the grog kept flowing!!

Unfortunately due to a few circumstances Craigs Mum, Dad, Matt and Angela had to go home…was upsetting for us both but it could not have been helped.

Night grew colder and people had to leave as they had young children or the weather was changing from clear sky to a misty rain…not a good thing to drive in on the roads from mum and dads house.

Round 10pm we cut the cake and made the speeches. People started departing soon after.

After most people had left and all that was remaining were the ‘overnighters’ we opened presents… and boy o’ boy were there enough of them!!

Toaster, jug, glasses, blankets, sheets, photo album, photo frames, memory album, GeorgeForeman grill, fry pan, gift vouchers, pizza stone, vases…and that is just to name a few!

On behalf of Craig and I, id like to thank every one who came along and made the night as good as it was!!!

:) (As for the wedding….only 304 days to go) :)

Shopping trip

On Wednesday Renee, Rhiannon, Dannika, Brendan, Mum, Dad and I headed off to Campbelltown to sort out the girls dresses once and for all. Sarah was unable to come with us due to a work training day… god damn woolies!!

Going in to Calabro i could tell it was going to not be fun. Renee tried on a few dresses….not feeling ok in any of them… but we still walked out with the same dress decision.

Headed to Beautiful Brides then where we looked through the Flower girl/Junior bridesmaid dresses. Found a few nice ones…once i put on my dress again it was an easy decision which ones we needed…. plain simple but with a tad of detail!

Picked a veil and walked out.

All dresses now picked out and just need to be ordered (and lotto won to pay for them)!! LOL

Only 2 days to the party….Shane, Shannon and Mick (Craigs mates) are arriving from Melbourne tomorrow… should be good to finally meet them!

Daisypath Ticker

Home again

Well the week flew and i’m finally back home. Although i loved it up there…. was to hard not seeing Craig each day!!

Mum, Brendan and I had a great time… nice warm hot sunny days and lots of shopping and theme packs made it more enjoyable.

Tried to get a tan…. and failed! Did get burnt though….but no brown!

Renee, Dad, Rhiannon and Dannika also made a return to Australia on Saturday night having been in USA for 9 days. All arrived safe and extremely tired and worn out.

Getting settled back out of ‘holiday mode’ is not easy…. and organizing the party is a challenge…lol

With only 5 days to go i better get cracking.

Wednesday Will see Renee, Mum, Rhiannon, Dannika, Brendan, Sarah and me off to Campbelltown looking at dresses yet again. Only this time the final dress decision will be made.. YAY!!

Cant wait til Saturday….will b a top night :D


On monday (7/11) Sarah and i headed off to Wetheril Park to check out the bridal shops! We went from one shop to the next… all the dresses began to look the same to me! Sarah tried on the style of dress i wanted for the bridesmaids…. looks tops and i was happy with it.. the sales lady said there was a strapless version of the same dress. It looked much better!! So thats what im going for now.

After 2 hours of looking we had some lunch and headed back towards Campbelltown for the final shopping store!

Beautiful Brides. Again i tried on all the dresses i had originally liked to show Sarah and get her opinion on them. After trying them all on … i settled on the one i wanted…. and walked out very happy.

Another task COMPLETE!!


Well last night off we went to Bradbury to meet with our celebrant, Alex Volcov.

He is such a great guy.. talked us through the services he does and kinds of ceremonies he can do etc.

After an hour of chatting and getting to know each other, we both walked out happy that we had found Alex.

We meet again with him early September to work out the vows and so forth…. cant wait!!

Link to Alex Volcov’s Site