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Just an update….. well nothing to update really. We have booked our photographer now, and paid a deposit. One less thing to have to worry about for a little while.

4 weeks to the engagement party.
12 days til i fly to QLD!

Take care and ill keep everyone informed as news comes to hand!!

Saturday Night mum and dad shocked us with a new surprise…..and thats a change in reception venue. It had an added bonus….gave us the chance for a honeymoon!!

So now we are holding the reception at Camden Golf Club instead. Cheaper and it accommodates the amount of guests we have alot better.

I have not been there since my sisters wedding in 1998 but it has apparently been done up alot since. Was nice then, can only imagine how good it looks now!

With the RSVP date closed for the engagement party we have a grand total of 72 people coming. Shall make for a great night…. lets pray the weather holds up for the night and no rain!

Link to Camden Golf Club

Well well well….. who would have thought. But there is a green eyed monster :(. Not going to mention names just because its not nice (even tho im not a nice person..LOL).

This person is not happy that a certain person is in my bridal party and therefore is now bitching behind my back….bad luck… deal with it!!

Enuf of that talk…..all things are progressing well so far…

5 weeks to the engagement party and so many slackers who cant be bothered sending a RSVP back!

Cos im a nice person i thought id be nice to give Craig’s business a plug :)
Take a look and u might just find what u have been looking for!!

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Today our injured eleco returned to finish off the job in the kitchen. After having cut his hand open and hitting the bone last Wednesday he was back in full swing… minus all feeling in his hand!!

The kitchen is coming along nicely now. Just need the tiler, plasterer, painter and all will be complete!!

But…. that’s all been put on hold whilst the saving starts for the dreaded money eating wedding!! LOL

We have now booked a chapel after all the dramas we went through with the last place. (They booked it, but then re-booked it to another couple leaving us to find a new chapel and reception venue).

Venue is now going to be held at the Old Saint Thomas Chapel, Narellan. Saturday 30th September 2006!!!

Link To Chapel Website

Well….what a weekend. Mum, Dad, Craig and I departed home at 8:30am to travel to Campbelltown where the fun began….or should i say the stress!!

First off we went to Calabro…. to ‘browse’ the dresses…. but was worth it.. i found the perfect dresses, style and color! Looked for the guys suits but that’s another story…..put in the ‘too hard’ basket for the time being.

Off we went to Eschol Park House for a quick look at the potential reception venue. Greeted by happy/hypo John. He was more then happy to show us through the 3 rooms they offered…. and WOW! What more could we want.. they were perfect. Once all setup they look tops. We went through the menus, prices, inclusions and walked through the gardens (which will make great photos)!! After departing and driving away we all knew it was the one.. the spot that we would host our finale of a wedding. Packages were good value and plenty of grog was on the menu!!

Dicussions over lunch about cakes turned from good to bad. I hate fruit cake…. as does Craig…..BUT mum and dad insist on one…. all i want is a mud cake… whether it be chocolate of caramel.After all ups and downs we all settled one tier can be fruit and the other tier mud cake!

As we were driving home I noticed a bridal shop, where dad done a U-Turn and we headed back. We had 40 minutes before they closed and we sure made use of all the time. By the time we left i had tried on 10-15 dresses and left with 6 dresses i liked to wear and a price tag of $1600-$2000. Not the price i’d like but its something you will remember for life.

Finally the day had come to an end as we pulled up in the driveway.

After cleaning our newly renovated kitchen we headed out for tea, then made our way off to mum and dads’ for the ‘budget planning’ session. I tell ya… weddings are NOT cheap. This one is setting us back a nice lets see….18k!! eeeeeeek!!!!!

Glad to leave mums all i could think of was money money money! However we can do it, but i don’t know how…where theres a will … theres a way!!

Sleep… i need it!!

Link to Calabro


Finally.. Craig and i found the courage and come the day Friday 23rd September 2005… we asked dad. what a relief….dads reply..” i don’t have a problem with that”. With the tension gone and able to breathe easier again.. the date for engagement party was set for Saturday 26th November 2005. All to be held at mum and dad’s home.

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