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Saturday 26th November 2005…….THE PARTY

Indeed it was…. after we had a few last minute ‘We are not coming, sorry’ calls or sms….the night began.

It was so great to see and meet a lot of Craigs family id heard about… and i can now can put a face too. Vice versa.. my Aunty June and Uncle Vin were able to travel the distance and it was a joyous occasion to see them again….have not seen them both in 2 years.

Once most of the guests had arrived dinner was served…. all mum kept saying was ‘wow look at all the people’. Luckily there was plenty of food to go around. With 70 hungry people fed, the grog kept flowing!!

Unfortunately due to a few circumstances Craigs Mum, Dad, Matt and Angela had to go home…was upsetting for us both but it could not have been helped.

Night grew colder and people had to leave as they had young children or the weather was changing from clear sky to a misty rain…not a good thing to drive in on the roads from mum and dads house.

Round 10pm we cut the cake and made the speeches. People started departing soon after.

After most people had left and all that was remaining were the ‘overnighters’ we opened presents… and boy o’ boy were there enough of them!!

Toaster, jug, glasses, blankets, sheets, photo album, photo frames, memory album, GeorgeForeman grill, fry pan, gift vouchers, pizza stone, vases…and that is just to name a few!

On behalf of Craig and I, id like to thank every one who came along and made the night as good as it was!!!

:) (As for the wedding….only 304 days to go) :)

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