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Well not much is new to update on.

Sunday 12th Feb we decided on a cake. Not going to give to many details away, just that its 3 tiers, white icing, and has some flowers on it, oh and that it is really yummy :)

Last Saturday Craig and I went to the Macarthur Bridal Expo which was held at Eschol Park House. Was not much to see there for us as all of our wedding is pretty much done. Picked up a few information guides on honeymoons and stationary items but thats about it. Only good thing there was Craig was able to see what the 2 stretch limos looked like that we have hired!

What else….. Congratulations to my sister Renee for getting a new job at her local aged care facility. Well done!

Myself and a friend have recently joined Curves, which is a chick only gym. We go 3 times a week and each session only lasts 30 minutes. It dont seem like much but from what ive been told and seen, it works. Hoping come the wedding ill look nice in my dress. I have 6 months to make myself look better then the shape i am now, so its a race against time!

Really not much has been happening in ways of the wedding planning because its all been done. All thats left now is to get my shoes, invitations and organise a few more things at the reception, that being decorations.

:D Only 218 days to the wedding now :D