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This weekend Craig and I had goals we had to achieve before coming home…and we met them all with the help of good ol’ Mum!

First off we dropped into Calabro to buy the hankies for the guys suits (in order to see if they would 1. go with my dress and 2. match up flower colours). While we were in there it was suggested we pick out the style for the suits and so forth, so when we take the guys in there next month we will know what to get and just a matter of sizing the guys up. There are so many to choose from and we knew what kinda look we were going for so it made the decision easier. With a great suit hire deal on at the moment we booked the suits in order to get the discount. In this wedding planning game, where you can find a saving you take the chance up there and then!

Next we went to see Kylie at Acute Flowers. Looked through the many different kinds of bouquets she can do i was even more confused. In the end i decided on the flowers i wanted and needed. It was fun though, never realised how many different kinds of flowers there were.

After taking nealry 1 hour to choose flowers we had to stop for some lunch.

From there we headed to our secret wedding night accomodation destination to check out the rooms and pay a deposit. All looks good and now booked in.

I also needed to order my dress so next stop was the bridal shop. Not knowing if i would need a hoop mum and I decided on with the dress we go again! Yup we need it and it makes it look much better. Also picked out a gorgeous tiara to go with the dress as well as veil. All done and ordered.

Last thing on the ‘to do list’ was reception. Craig had not yet seen the venue but had heard alot about it. All was happy with the room and mum is now dealing with the lady organising our function.

All in all was a very productive but long day!

Sunday 12th Feb we are all off to visit Bev Brown our cake lady!

Link to Acute Flowers

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