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Girls — the Hens Night is going to go OFF! Make sure you book your spot!

Invites went out today. If you don’t get it by mid next week – let Kim know!

Contact me for more details but remember, it’s a surprise for Kim (Except the date and the fact it’s an overnight-er in Sydney!) so don’t spoil it!

Posted 24/3/2006

Wonder what that title means?

It means we lost one of our bridal party members, in fact out Best Man.
Unfortunately due to a few reasons Shane had to drop out, leaving us with one guy short now.

Luckily Terry has stepped up to the role and is now our new Best Man. Now Craig has the mission to find a replacement for Terry’s Groomsmen’s spot.

On to other things, my Hens night preparations have begun with Mel organising it for me. All a big surprise it will be for me. I have not been told what it going on at all. All I’ve done so far is supply names and addresses for the chickies i want to come along!

Hopefully Terry will commence Craigs Bucks party soon as well.

With some luck both Craig and I will end up with fun filled wild nights :)

I commenced my new job on Monday at the OOSH centre. So far its been OK. The kids are great on most days, but have way to much energy for 3 pm in the afternoon. A fair few kids are there until closing time 6 pm. So it’s a long day for a kid, and a tiring 3 hours for me alone!

Monday i also had my measure at Curves, wasn’t as good as id hoped, with only losing 3 cm all up. My friend i think lost 14 cm, well done to her.I was disappointed with my lack of loss. Originally when i started the girl measured me wrong, as well as the scales she used were broken. So my new weigh in and measurement looked quite bad because of all her mistakes. But that’s life, pick up the pieces and move on, no use dwelling on it, just improve on it next time.

:) 190 Days to go :)


After speaking with Renee about hair prices and what i was quoted sounded to dear to her, on Saturday Mum and i decided maybe we should shop around.

Turns out i have the best hair price on Bowral. I went to 3 hair dressers. The first one wanted to charge me $119.95 then second said between $89.95-$140, last place was the one i have booked with coming in at only $69.50. In reality i could get 2 for the price of one dealing with the salon i picked!

Strarted thinking about my Hens night, and have not gotten very far, but i have Mel on the job helping me out. Should be fun to see how it all turns out!

Not alot else is new. Craig and Dad went to Kandos together for the weekend. So a bit of a boys weekend away, while i stayed home. On Saturday afternoon I went shopping and bought some new clothes and shoes and to the movies with my friends to see “firewall’. Saturday night i stayed at mums.

:D 194 days to go :D

New Job

Well tonight i found out that i scored myself a new job. Its working at Moss Vale after school care and vacation care centre. I will be working Monday to Friday. I am on a 4-6 week trial and if everything goes well i could possibly be offered a traineeship for 18 months.

I am happy to have found something so soon after leaving Woolies.

Ok, so i have done it again. Changed my mind on the dresses!
But this time i’m 110% sure on my decision. I have added another bridesmaid so i have even amount of girls to guys (so when photos are taken u have an even number of couples on either side). Now we have a total of 14 in the bridal party! Welcome to Sarah :) (yes another Sarah LOL).

No longer will Mel be the odd one out. All the girls will be wearing the same now. We done this because like me, Craig didn’t speak up at the last fittings and say he wasn’t keen on the colors he was wearing (all secret) so now we are back to original plan and style!

Craig and i spent a full weekend in Campbelltown organising dresses, paying off my dress, and adding more flowers to the list! We also ordered our rings, once again mine is being hand made and i love it!

Also for those who don’t know as yet, i have left Woolworths and i am enjoying some time to myself, not working as yet but its on the cards!

The Countdown

Daisypath Ticker

Mind Changing

Well as most would know, I’ve done it again and changed my mind on the dress Mel was wearing.

After many discussions with Craig and Sarah, i have changed Mel’s dress so she is not the odd one out (Sorry Mel). But for some of us…. we know Mel still will be different to Angela and Sarah…. but how? Those who are invited to the wedding will have to stay tuned ! :D

Now all the girls will have strapless dress and i am happy once again.

Other then that nothing else to report on. Just have Sarahs dress and our rings to do on the weekend and then we are all set for another few months when all the places will want more money.

Also forgot to mention. Rhiannon will now have a partner. So Sam, welcome to the party as well!!

What a day…Saturday!

Thursday seen Shane and Mick drive up from Melbourne in order for us to do suit fittings. Saturday Kathy (Craigs mum) and Angela (Craigs sister) came down from Newcastle, Mel and her friend Lyn from Menai.

Mum, Dad, Craig and I plus the non-locals (lol) met up at Calabro for the day I’ve been waiting for. Actually seeing the guys and girls in their frocks and suits :P

I thought the guys were going to be the hardest…. i was wrong. All along i have wanted strapless dresses for the girls…. and i was set on it. But nup…. no one would agree with me on them. Angela looked better in strapless as did Mel, but everyone disagreed with me saying Mel looked better in the style with straps. I will admit… i was stressed and it P***ED me off big time cos of it. In the end i gave up and agreed that Mel would have to be the odd one out. Angela and Sarah will have strapless and Mel will have straps (even though i still am not sure why i dropped my guard… but ah well… on the wedding day I’m sure I’m not going to be caring what any one is wearing but myself).

Next the girlies picked out and brought their shoes. Silver with sparkly things on them…very nice indeed!

Mel had to leave so the remaining people had some lunch and then headed back to my dress shop where i tried on the dress so i could show Kathy and Angela…Smiles all round so i guess it was a winner with them too.

Next Saturday Craig and I will be jetting back up to Campbelltown to get Sarahs dress and order wedding rings.

:) Now only 207 days to go :)