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New Job

Well tonight i found out that i scored myself a new job. Its working at Moss Vale after school care and vacation care centre. I will be working Monday to Friday. I am on a 4-6 week trial and if everything goes well i could possibly be offered a traineeship for 18 months.

I am happy to have found something so soon after leaving Woolies.

Ok, so i have done it again. Changed my mind on the dresses!
But this time i’m 110% sure on my decision. I have added another bridesmaid so i have even amount of girls to guys (so when photos are taken u have an even number of couples on either side). Now we have a total of 14 in the bridal party! Welcome to Sarah :) (yes another Sarah LOL).

No longer will Mel be the odd one out. All the girls will be wearing the same now. We done this because like me, Craig didn’t speak up at the last fittings and say he wasn’t keen on the colors he was wearing (all secret) so now we are back to original plan and style!

Craig and i spent a full weekend in Campbelltown organising dresses, paying off my dress, and adding more flowers to the list! We also ordered our rings, once again mine is being hand made and i love it!

Also for those who don’t know as yet, i have left Woolworths and i am enjoying some time to myself, not working as yet but its on the cards!