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After speaking with Renee about hair prices and what i was quoted sounded to dear to her, on Saturday Mum and i decided maybe we should shop around.

Turns out i have the best hair price on Bowral. I went to 3 hair dressers. The first one wanted to charge me $119.95 then second said between $89.95-$140, last place was the one i have booked with coming in at only $69.50. In reality i could get 2 for the price of one dealing with the salon i picked!

Strarted thinking about my Hens night, and have not gotten very far, but i have Mel on the job helping me out. Should be fun to see how it all turns out!

Not alot else is new. Craig and Dad went to Kandos together for the weekend. So a bit of a boys weekend away, while i stayed home. On Saturday afternoon I went shopping and bought some new clothes and shoes and to the movies with my friends to see “firewall’. Saturday night i stayed at mums.

:D 194 days to go :D