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Wonder what that title means?

It means we lost one of our bridal party members, in fact out Best Man.
Unfortunately due to a few reasons Shane had to drop out, leaving us with one guy short now.

Luckily Terry has stepped up to the role and is now our new Best Man. Now Craig has the mission to find a replacement for Terry’s Groomsmen’s spot.

On to other things, my Hens night preparations have begun with Mel organising it for me. All a big surprise it will be for me. I have not been told what it going on at all. All I’ve done so far is supply names and addresses for the chickies i want to come along!

Hopefully Terry will commence Craigs Bucks party soon as well.

With some luck both Craig and I will end up with fun filled wild nights :)

I commenced my new job on Monday at the OOSH centre. So far its been OK. The kids are great on most days, but have way to much energy for 3 pm in the afternoon. A fair few kids are there until closing time 6 pm. So it’s a long day for a kid, and a tiring 3 hours for me alone!

Monday i also had my measure at Curves, wasn’t as good as id hoped, with only losing 3 cm all up. My friend i think lost 14 cm, well done to her.I was disappointed with my lack of loss. Originally when i started the girl measured me wrong, as well as the scales she used were broken. So my new weigh in and measurement looked quite bad because of all her mistakes. But that’s life, pick up the pieces and move on, no use dwelling on it, just improve on it next time.

:) 190 Days to go :)