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What a day…Saturday!

Thursday seen Shane and Mick drive up from Melbourne in order for us to do suit fittings. Saturday Kathy (Craigs mum) and Angela (Craigs sister) came down from Newcastle, Mel and her friend Lyn from Menai.

Mum, Dad, Craig and I plus the non-locals (lol) met up at Calabro for the day I’ve been waiting for. Actually seeing the guys and girls in their frocks and suits :P

I thought the guys were going to be the hardest…. i was wrong. All along i have wanted strapless dresses for the girls…. and i was set on it. But nup…. no one would agree with me on them. Angela looked better in strapless as did Mel, but everyone disagreed with me saying Mel looked better in the style with straps. I will admit… i was stressed and it P***ED me off big time cos of it. In the end i gave up and agreed that Mel would have to be the odd one out. Angela and Sarah will have strapless and Mel will have straps (even though i still am not sure why i dropped my guard… but ah well… on the wedding day I’m sure I’m not going to be caring what any one is wearing but myself).

Next the girlies picked out and brought their shoes. Silver with sparkly things on them…very nice indeed!

Mel had to leave so the remaining people had some lunch and then headed back to my dress shop where i tried on the dress so i could show Kathy and Angela…Smiles all round so i guess it was a winner with them too.

Next Saturday Craig and I will be jetting back up to Campbelltown to get Sarahs dress and order wedding rings.

:) Now only 207 days to go :)

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