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Well, something new has changed. BUT this time it was out of my control. I say its mother natures fault. Confused?

Craig and I have decided that we needed to move our wedding back. The new date for the wedding is SATURDAY 8TH JULY 2006. This decision was made due to the fact that i am now nearly 6 weeks pregnant and by end of September when the original wedding date was set, id be to fat, and exhausted!

I spent 7 hours on the phone to all my wedding companies re-arranging for the new date. First phone call was to the chapel, it is also where i struck my first problem.They are only open Wednesday-Friday, so had to leave a message. Then i called photographer and no one was in the office. Dress people were worried about trying to get Rhiannon and Dannika’s dress in on time as they have not been measured for sizes or any thing. Called Renee, and then she wasn’t home, lucky i got her on the mobile and have arranged for the girls to perhaps come down on the weekend to get fixed up. Calabro were not very helpful either. No one knew what to do, so it was palmed off to another girl who is supposed to be ringing today. Reception, cars, flowers and cake were my easy to deal with people.

Come 2pm i was stressed out of my mind. I had no chapel, and no photographer at this stage. Craig sensed something was not right so he came home. After id had my Winge we started calling new ceremony venues, again with no luck, people were busy or not there at the moment. Leave your number and we will call you back. It was hard for me not knowing what to do. Armed with numbers for churches Craig headed back to work. About 330pm the photographer called and i was relieved. He was free on that day. So all i had left now was ceremony, not so long after i got a call from Granny who had found us a church, no hassles.

So now the wedding is being held at St Johns Anglican church in Camden. After speaking to mum this morning i feel happy cos that church has a long aisle! Will look great with my dress.

All thats left to do is now go visit the church, we also need to attend marriage prep classes as i’m Catholic, not Anglican like Craig.

After such a long day yesterday today i need a rest day!

****Just a note for all girlies invited to the Hens night, 26th August has been cancelled, Mel and i are working on a new date and will be in contact with you shortly****

So with the wedding changed so has the count down

:D Only 95 days to go :D