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EXCUSES. Heard one heard them all.

Why do people insist on making up excuses. I’m really sick of them. If your going to lie make it a good one, cos there are just to many originals ones floating around that i hear time and time again.

What am i talking about? The Hens/Bucks night. People are either to dumb or to much of a coward.

I have people thinking that its a girls only night, when the invitations say “To: gf and bf”, “Party for all”, “Come one, come all”. To a smart person that would mean male and females are invited…..??

So with RSVP being 21st April, so far 4 people have gotten off there backsides and let Mel know that they are coming…. in that 4 is Mel, Dean, Craig and I.

All the rest of you should feel proud for making the effort…Well done!

We have had a few not been able to attend, with good reasons, and some with the good ol’ original excuses.

To say the least… I’m not to happy…..but feel much better i have it off my chest :D