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A little Loss

Well today was D-Day again. Weights and measure day at Curves!

I was fully expecting to walk in and not have lost a thing. But i was wrong!
Since last month i lost:

Weight: 1.4kg
Hips: 2cm
Wasit: 1cm
Thighs: 2cm
Abdomen: 1cm
Bust: 1cm

In total i have lost 9cm since i started going. Might not be much but im pretty happy :)

Where as my friend has now lost 28cm, and 7.2kg. Very PROUD and looking super hot now ;)

Night out RSVP is today. Still not many have replied….so yes i am still very dirty about it all.

Still feeling sick, nothing new there.

:D Wedding now only 78 days to go :D