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If you have never seen me annoyed before then you are lucky you don’t live with me. Right now i don’t want to hear a thing about this night out. WHY?

***Cos it’s been CANCELLED. This is due to the fact that 95% of Craig and I’s family and friends are useless lazy buggers.***

Out of the 60 odd people that were invites we got 10… yes 10 RSVP’s for people coming. The rest were to dumb to reply or gave Mel or me every excuse that could be pulled from a book or the Internet.

I think i shall become an author “Kims book of useful excuses to use for that party you just cant be bothered attending”.

I sure hope that come the wedding we have every ones RSVP’s. NO reply, don’t expect to be allowed to attend what so ever. You will be asked to leave. We made the effort to invite you, you WILL make the effort to return the reply.

Very annoyed and shitty.

:) 75 days to the wedding :)

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