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A new man

YAY…. we have found a new man to fulfill the last man standing!

Of course I’m talking about the Groomsmen spot that has been playing on our mind since the news came through that we had lost yet another man from the bridal party.

But thanks to a good mate of mine, James, he has helped out and greatfully accepted the role.

We would like to thank you James for making up the party and we hope you enjoy the day. :D

Whats new?

Nothing! LOL

Well not entirely true. Dad has brought a new car. Very nice to drive!!

An update on the Groomsmen we didn’t know about… he has now confirmed he CANNOT do it…so yep… we are now a man down. Got no idea what we are going to do. Craig has run out of friends to ask!

RSVP’s coming in slowly…. now have 24 people coming…. at this rate Mc Donalds party could still happen….LOL. So far we have not received 2 of the same cards, all have been different and very nice.

Still been sick, hopefully only another 2-3 more weeks of this.

Bridesmaids dresses nearly ready to come out of lay by and altered. Just waiting on all the girls to round up the final payment amount.

:) 59 days to go…getting so close now :)