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On the weekend Craig and I headed to Newcastle to spend mothers day with the family. Was a very enjoyable day catching up and discussing the wedding and baby. I had a really good time…despite being unwell STILL!

I was kind of hoping that this morning sickness would be starting to disappear seeing though I’m coming up to week 12…. but that’s not the case so it seems. Now i have this fear I’ll still have it come the wedding. Trying not to jinx myself.

Called the bridal shop today. Good news. My dress plus Rhiannon and Dannikas dresses are in. So in a few weeks when Renee can come down we can get them altered. Mines not being altered until 2 weeks before the wedding incase i get to fat in between them altering it and me having to wear it!!

RSVP’s are slowly coming in. Bit disappointed with Craig and I’s friends. None have as yet bothered to reply. I guess I’m meant to assume that the partners of bridal party are also coming, as again no word from them either. Hopefully things will pick up soon. Still 16 days of replying time left.

Yesterday was Brendans 5th birthday. Today is also my Nan’s birthday. Happy Birthday :)

:D Only 52 days to go :D