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Baby Update

Yesterday (Tuesday) Craig and I headed off the see the OB for our monthly check up.

All is going well doctor can feel a baby (or something any way cos he got pretty excited). Was given a letter so i can now book into the local hospital and also Antenatal classes (or as i call them huff and puff classes). I go back again in 4 weeks where he will arrange first ultrasound. I so cant wait.Its going to be a very exciting time and its sure to hit home with exactly what is going on!

Today i called the hospital, they were very friendly and helpful. On 22nd June i have to actually go to the hospital to book in for the delivery and have an interview with a midwife who will give me all the information i need.

Saturday 21st and 28th October we attend huff and puff classes :P

Few more RSVP cards coming in again, still not as many as i’d have hoped for this late in the time frame. But on a up side.. i now have 2 of my buddies coming!!

Mum and Dad having a great time in Melbourne. Today they were heading on a bus trip down the Great Ocean Road.

Think that’s about all that’s really going on in this neck of the woods.

:) Now just 38 days to go :)