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Well today was weigh and measure day AGAIN. Fully knowing id have put on weight and cm i was all prepared. I done just that. Gained in every area, but only a tiny bit so i was happy with myself. It could have been a lot worse.

My friend is going great guns now. Having lost 10kg, 36cm and 5% body fat she is sure looking really good!

RSVP cards are still very slowly rolling in. Up to 42 people now…..better then nothing. At this stage none of my friends are coming… great to know who you cant rely on for the biggest day of your life.

Sunday Mum and Dad are off to Melbourne for a week. I will be staying at their house to look after Cj and Bundy (cat and dog) while they are away.

Wedding getting very close now and starting to get exciting.

:D Only 44 days to go :D

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