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Well RSVP has now gone by. I’m now extremely happy. We got a final of 73 people. Not a bad effort after how slow people were with replying. All though alot of the people still never bothered to send a card but told me they would be there.

Yesterday mum and i headed to Narellan to speak with Shirley in regards to the reception and menus etc. Getting exciting now. We also met up with the balloon lady and picked out what we wanted done.

After there we headed to Wentworthville to the bridal shop where i got my shoes. I tired on so many, loved lots but heel was to high or i didn’t feel comfortable, but managed to find a nice pair!

Then we headed to DeBras. Bought some bridal lingerie. Cost a bit, but worth it in the end.

After a long day we headed home for some much needed rest.

On another note, over the weekend Angela and Sarah G went in to pick up their dresses. Angela had no problems. Dress fitted perfectly and no need for any alterations. Sarah G on the other hand was a different story. Her dress was to tight. Just would not do up at all. There is now a new size being sent down from Newcastle and will be here by the end of the week.

We also had another problem with the other Sarah. She was unable to have her money ready after me telling her 6 weeks ago that we were getting the dresses out. She was unable to do it for another 2 weeks. By then it would have been 3 weeks out from wedding. Now i think about it, what if her dress had not fitted and we had to wait another week for one to be sent from another store…time would not have been on our side at all.

So there was a bit of a disagreement and i asked her to no longer be in the bridal party. She was cool about it. Then on Saturday she done the most down right rude maneuver. She went into Calabro herself and cancelled her dress. That was fine. What was wrong was, she went in cancelled the dress and then was refunded the money paid on her dress. Mind you she had not paid a cent for it. So in other words she walked out with OUR money and never bothered to tell me. Was not until i went in with Angela that i was told she had taken the money. Both Craig and i were furious how she could deceive us like that. What kind of a friend does that. I sent her an SMS saying it was rude and wanted the money back. No reply.

Come Sunday afternoon however, she had her BF sms’ing me the lamest messages. Blaming me for taking her for a ride, that I’m a retard, gutless, and that i had lost a friend. BIG WHOOPSIE DO. If she was a friend at all she wouldn’t have strung me along and made excuses each time money was needed to be paid. Never had any interest in being a bridesmaid from the start i feel. On the phone she asked about hens night and said she didn’t go cos it would have been boring and she had better things to spend her money on…. what kind of friend and bridesmaid says shit like that??

Now i have it off my chest i feel so much better and glad its one less hassle i have to deal with. So i now have Melinda, Angela and Sarah G. Craig has Terry, Mathew, and James. Gus stood down when we took out Sarah as he didn’t mind saving the money from the suit. Gus is getting married in October so every penny he saves he can spend on his own special day.

:D So only 32 days to go :D