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By that statement i mean my friends success at Curves. Today was D-Day. All up she has now lost 12 kg, 49 cm and 6% body fat!! WELL DONE :)

Me on the other hand wasn’t so lucky. I managed to loose 1 cm on my bum and 1 cm on my thighs. But gained in every other area. Especially the waist :(
Norty bub!!

Yesterday the wedding bombonieres arrived and look really good. Very pleased with them, think they will look great on the reception tables.

I also had my hospital appointment yesterday afternoon. Now all booked in and paperwork done. Sitting in the waiting room for the midwife, i casually said to Craig ‘All of a sudden i hate hospitals’, and got really nervous. I don’t know why but just didn’t want to be there. In the end it was fine. I go back to my OB next Tuesday so I’ll see how things are going.

This weekend not a lot is planned. Going to Campbelltown to pick up Sarahs dress, pay the final amount on the flowers and go clothes shopping (so i have things to wear that actually fit me), and going out for tea for Craigs birthday with Mum and Dad.

:D 15 days to go :D