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Well what a weekend.

Friday night saw Craig and Terry head off on their camping weekend. All packed with warm clothes and rugged up to face any temperatures! The left around 6.30pm. Nice and cold that night as well.
That same night Renee and the kids come down as well. Lucky me had the 2 girls for the night. We all settled into bed around 12.30am!

Satuday morning the kids, myself plus Renee and mum and dad headed to Capbelltown where the fun began. First stop was Beautiful Brides where the girls had to try on their dresses to be altered. Next i had to. Surprisingly it fitted and i was over the moon. Can see a slight baby bump but not a hugely noticeable one! We spent close to 2 hours in that shop! The whole time Brendan was great. All he wanted to do was try on his suit. Thats what we did next. Headed to Macarthur Square to Calabro. I met Sam there to also try on his suit for fittings.

I must say both boys look so cute and handsome in their suits.

After a much needed lunch we all headed to hit the shops. Paid more on my flowers and bought a few things. Got Craig his birthday Present (his birthday is tomorrow 21st June…and he will be a ripe ol’ age of 25).

I was exhausted come 5.30pm so we headed home. Then out for dinner at local Chinese restruant.

Was a long and tiring day. I hit the pillow around midnight yet again.

Craig arrived home around 2pm on Sunday. Sounds like they had a great time. On Saturday night it got down to around -6 degrees!!!!

Thats about all for now. This week is the start of hectic times.
On Thursday I’m off to the hospital to book in and things like that. So baby going well on all accounts.

:) Now 18 days to go and getting nervous :)

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