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Well things are going better then expected so far. All the reception things have been sorted out, bombonieres all ready to be sent to reception as well. Final menu and seating have been completed. Yesterday i had my hair trial and absolutely love the style. Will look really good on the day (i hope). Last night Tom called me about the photo times. They will be starting at 1.30pm and then going to the church to do the guys prior to the ceremony.
This means hair will still have to start at 7am and be left Bowral by 10.30am at the latest in order to fit lunch in and be ready on time!

I also had another doctors appointment yesterday. Things going well. Baby is apparently the right size and sitting where it should be. 2-3 weeks time i can have my first ultrasound. Normally done at 18 weeks but 20-22 weeks give you a better size and more accurate due date. So i’m waiting til then. Probably before we head off on our honeymoon ill get it done. I also have to attend an anaesthetist clinic. This is because of some of the problems Bowral public hospital have been having with pregnant women who are carrying a little extra padding (a nice way of saying fat) before pregnancy started. All it ensures is that if i was to have a C-Section or they needed to give me anesthetic then they can determine if it would become a high risk birth (Bowral only deals with low-medium risk births as they don’t have all the high tech equipment).

This weekend Renee will be down with the kids again. Rhiannon and myself have our final dress fittings. Will be good to see them again.

Its all action GO this week and next. The rest of this week is a quite one for me. Mostly begins next week. Suit fittings, nails, tans, rehearsals all that funky jazz!

:D :D 10 days to gooooooooooooooooooo :D :D

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