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Thanks Tim

A big thanks to Tim from Ace Internet (where Craig works) for making our wedding a latest news announcement. It is very much appreciated and thanks for using a nice picture of the bridal party. :)

For those wishing to have a look at all the wedding photos you can go to and you will find the album.


We headed to Wollongong to Everafter flower preservation. Dropped off my bouquet and picked a frame and so forth.

Then we went to Births, deaths and marriages to apply for our certificate. It should arrive as soon as the church registers the marriage.

Off to Warrawong next to the dry cleaners where my dress is going to be put into a wedding dress preservation box.

After an expensive day out and both were exhausted we went home.

Had a quite night, watched some TV and went to bed around midnight. Again talking about what a great weekend we have had.

It will sure take some time to remember i’m no longer Miss Kimberley Dent, but now Mrs Kimberley Marchant :)

I don’t think i could have picked a better man to spend the rest of my life with, or father our first child.

So heres to you Craig, Thank you and I Love You Lots :D

The day after

The day began at 5.20am, when neither of us could sleep. So we laid in bed and talked more about the night and the plans for the day.

All my family plus Craigs parents, Anglea, Mat, Kate and Granny went to Sizzlers for breakfast, I was also Rhiannons 10th Birthday. We all pigged out on food until we were full!!.

Time was going fast and we all went our separate ways.

For us we headed to Macarthur Square to return the suits, and headed home.
We dropped into see Terry to collect our marriage certificate and have a chit chat. We then headed to the local hospital to drop in and see Gus, who had attended our wedding. Mind you, he checked out on Saturday to come along, but ended back there at night in pain.

We wish you well Gus :)

After leaving there we headed to mum and dads. Present time. We got heaps of things. Photo frames, towels, cross stitch frame with our names and wedding date, vases, saucepans, money galore, blankets, bowls…That’s just to name a few items!!

It had been a long day and we headed home for some much needed rest.

After we had all relaxed and composed ourselves, it was time to enter the party!

Brendan and Dannika were first to enter, then Sam and Rhiannon, Angela and James, Sarah and Mathew followed lastly by Terry and Melinda. Once they were all in it was our turn and my smiles said it all. As Craig and I entered everyone was cheering and clapping, was the best feeling i could have ever felt.

On the way in i had a good look at the cake, cos until then i had forgotten what it looked like. As i expected it looked perfect. Once we were all seated we done the hello rounds yet again for those we had missed at the church.

Dinner was served and everyone dug in. Food was yummy, not a bad word was said about it.

Speeches followed. They were all so moving and not one speech didn’t bring a tear to our eyes. For me by the time it was my turn i was full of emotion, and could not hold it together. I cried :( but lucky for me Mel took over. We then cut the cake After all the speeches and cake cutting were out of the way, the bridal dance. I felt so good, and the song we had meant to much. Beautiful in my eyes by Joshua Kadison. Everyone slowly started joining in and the dancing took off.

I was on a natural high and i was having a ball. I didn’t care what any one thought, was my night and ill party if i wanna… that i did.

The night flew, before i knew it, it was 10.15 and we had 30 minutes before Craig and I left. The bouquet was thrown, Rhiannon was the lucky girl. Garter was done after much embarrassment with the comments being thrown from everyone. Stuart, Wendy’s Fiance was the lucky man that caught it.

The farewell circle was made and the good byes began. Was all going well til i reached mum and dad. Mum was fine, but dad had me in tears. It was a long hug and kiss, dad had made me feel so special and words can not thank either of them enough for such a special day.

We had an archway as we left and a limo waited for us. Finally we were in the car and guests were waving us farewell.

Back at the motel we were able to reflect on the most memorable night of our lives.

Both agreed it was as good as had imagined, if not better :)

On behalf of Craig and I we send out our thanks to all our family and friends who made our night the best ever.

Daisypath Ticker

As dad answered it was him who gave me away Craig and i moved up the stairs. That is when i looked him right in the eyes, i could see tears, tears of happiness and tear of joy. Vows were said, rings exchanged and then those words I’ve dreamt of were announced ‘Husband and Wife’. I was over joyed and apparently went in for the tongue…LOL this i don’t recall, but who cares, it was our moment!

Certificates were signed and more photos taken.

It was then the moment i had also been waiting for ‘ PLease stand for Craig and Kimberley Marchant’. As we walked out i was finally able to see all the familiar faces around us. Outside we said our hi’s and we received our congratulations off every one. Last but not least the sound i was waiting for, the ringing of the bells. I think my smiles summed up just how happy i was to hear them.

By 4pm guest had began leaving for reception, and the bridal party jumped back into the limos once again for the next lot of photos at Studley Park House. Also where the reception was being located (it was in the golf club though, the house is on the same property). When we arrived i was feeling a little tipsy, the wine i had after the church had gone to my head!

As the sun was setting, the best shots were coming out. After a long session we all headed to relax and get a drink.. or two.

Beep Beep Beep went the alarm. 5.30am on the dot. I was wide awake, not slept a wink all night!

I was up rearing to go. Woke Mel and i headed for the shower. Had some breakfast but both realised it was far to early to eat and could only stomach 1 pancake each. At 6.45am we were out the door and off to Bowral for hair and make-up.

Walking into the hair dressers we were greeted by the willing staff, and Kathy and Angela. Not long after in stumbled Sarah. We all looked a little tired but excitement was setting in. I kept getting questioned as to why i was so calm and relaxed, after all i was getting married! With all hair and make-up complete we all looked and i’m sure felt a million dollars :)

All then headed to Macca’s in Woodbine for lunch.

Then off to Maclin to begin the fun of dressing up. Checked in and went for the room. Sat around for a little bit, the nerves were setting in and so was the pacing.

With the girls and kids dressed, the time had come, it was my turn. Thankfully Renee was on hand to help me. By the time i was all laced up at the back, shoes on and veil placed neatly i was ready to face the world…..or at least Tom the photographer.

Happy snaps begun and time was ticking on. At 2.25 pm the 2 stretch limos arrived and i knew it was the start of a nervous occasion. All boarded into the cars. Mum and Dad both came with me.

On the way cars were honking and waving, was a great feeling inside. But all the way i was so scared, nervous and didn’t know if i could do it. It was when Mum piped up ‘I can see the church’ that my tummy knotted and i felt the sickest feeling in ages.

Pulling into the driveway i freaked. Guests were all still outside… so i was carrying on about it, but they soon went inside. Pulled up at the doors to find Craig and the minister outside, again i freaked. I later found out that the minister pulled Craig outside cos they had been looking for mum.

With everyone back inside and all of the party out of the cars, lined up ready to enter. Veil down it was time…. time to marry the man of my dreams. All the girls had entered and it was my big moment. Dad started shedding tears and i fought them back. In we went, everyone was a blur, all i could do was smile, smile a nervous but very happy one.

We finally reached the end, and there was Craig, looking his best and made me so proud :D

Friday 7th July 2006

Today was a busy day. It started at 7am for Craig and I. I headed off to Bowral for my spray tan, while Craig stayed home and done his own thing.

Around 10.30 we headed to Camden and dropped off the reception items and picked up Mel. Then headed to Maclin Lodge to gather Craigs family for the church rehearsal. After a good run through Craig, Mel and I went to Macarthur Square to have lunch, Get my ring polished and get a new tie for Brendan cos his had a huge big brown stain on the front (was a white tie). With all that fixed we headed to pick up my dress and drop it off with Kathy (Craigs mum). Caught up with my Aunty June. After a long day Mel and I headed back for Mossy for a girly night. Which seen us head to bed just a tad before MIDNIGHT!!!!