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OMG only 3 days to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so excited, yet so scared and nervous!!

I have been praying the last few days cos its been raining down here….. but today its SUNNY!! So i hope its like this in Camden on Saturday or ill be tearing my hair out!!

This week Rhiannon has been staying with Craig and I.

Tomorrow is a big day. Dentist, nails, tans, and picking up the boys suits!

Friday we have to drop off all the things at reception, church rehearsal and the final day of freedom!!

I just cant wait. I keep thinking today is Thursday, days are going so slow!

Ah well, that’s about all, was just a quick update on the wedding!!

Til next time thats about all until possibly after the wedding, hope everyone has a great weekend.

:D Also a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Renee for tomorrow and Rhiannon for Sunday :D

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