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Well Last Monday 17th July we headed off to Barrington tops country retreat for the week. We checked in around 3.30pm and settled into our spa cottage. After a little while we managed to get the fire going, was nice and toasty warm then :)

The week was good. Nice meals, great atmosphere and so peaceful. I could have said it was the best holiday I’ve ever had but id be lying then. Why you may ask…..well bub decided it didn’t like being away so in turn made me sick from Tuesday on wards. I was in pain, could hardly move and couldn’t go out anywhere cos it hurt so much. So i spent the week in bed and got up when i had to. Come Friday morning Craig said we were going home, was hard to see me in pain and by then i uneasily agreed but knew it was for the best.

On the way home we dropped in to see Angela and then slowly made our way back through the Sydney traffic.

Once home i felt upset cos we had left early but i felt safer, i knew i had a hospital 10 minutes down the road, doctors and most of all mum and dad close by.

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