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We headed to Wollongong to Everafter flower preservation. Dropped off my bouquet and picked a frame and so forth.

Then we went to Births, deaths and marriages to apply for our certificate. It should arrive as soon as the church registers the marriage.

Off to Warrawong next to the dry cleaners where my dress is going to be put into a wedding dress preservation box.

After an expensive day out and both were exhausted we went home.

Had a quite night, watched some TV and went to bed around midnight. Again talking about what a great weekend we have had.

It will sure take some time to remember i’m no longer Miss Kimberley Dent, but now Mrs Kimberley Marchant :)

I don’t think i could have picked a better man to spend the rest of my life with, or father our first child.

So heres to you Craig, Thank you and I Love You Lots :D

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