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The day began at 5.20am, when neither of us could sleep. So we laid in bed and talked more about the night and the plans for the day.

All my family plus Craigs parents, Anglea, Mat, Kate and Granny went to Sizzlers for breakfast, I was also Rhiannons 10th Birthday. We all pigged out on food until we were full!!.

Time was going fast and we all went our separate ways.

For us we headed to Macarthur Square to return the suits, and headed home.
We dropped into see Terry to collect our marriage certificate and have a chit chat. We then headed to the local hospital to drop in and see Gus, who had attended our wedding. Mind you, he checked out on Saturday to come along, but ended back there at night in pain.

We wish you well Gus :)

After leaving there we headed to mum and dads. Present time. We got heaps of things. Photo frames, towels, cross stitch frame with our names and wedding date, vases, saucepans, money galore, blankets, bowls…That’s just to name a few items!!

It had been a long day and we headed home for some much needed rest.

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