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Friday 7th July 2006

Today was a busy day. It started at 7am for Craig and I. I headed off to Bowral for my spray tan, while Craig stayed home and done his own thing.

Around 10.30 we headed to Camden and dropped off the reception items and picked up Mel. Then headed to Maclin Lodge to gather Craigs family for the church rehearsal. After a good run through Craig, Mel and I went to Macarthur Square to have lunch, Get my ring polished and get a new tie for Brendan cos his had a huge big brown stain on the front (was a white tie). With all that fixed we headed to pick up my dress and drop it off with Kathy (Craigs mum). Caught up with my Aunty June. After a long day Mel and I headed back for Mossy for a girly night. Which seen us head to bed just a tad before MIDNIGHT!!!!

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