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Well the day i have been waiting for finally arrived. It was my first ultrasound on bub!

Craig and i walked in at 2pm all excited. We had planned to not find out what the sex was, but the suspense was killing me, i had to know.

The lady showed us various body parts ‘heres the arm, leg, head, fingers’ etc. At one point she had it on the face and bub opened its mouth for a big yawn. It was so cute and made me smile. Other then that nothing else really looked like what it was meant to be, but more a blob of something.LOL

She had nearly finished looking over and i asked what i wanted to know. ‘Is it a boy or girl’. All i got was a smile and then the heart breaking news ‘ I cant tell you, the whole time bub has had knees together and not moved them at all so i cant see’.

I felt worse. I went in happy as can be and walked out sad. Got in the car and didn’t really say much. It was only when i had to drop Craig back to work that i cracked, and burst into tears. Craig kept reminding me at least its healthy and no problems, the size of a 21-22 week old baby which is pretty much spot on with the dates i am at. But its not what i wanted to know. If it was a boy or girl i needed and wanted to know. Thats kids for you, expect the unexpected.

The Craig statement ‘maybe there is 2 babies in you Kim’ was finally revealed, there is only in fact 1 and thats a bonus i assume.

All in all not much can be done, bub just was camera shy i guess and does not like mummy or daddy to know what sex they are :D

Off to Doctors tomorrow to see what they have to say. I will also mention that i have and still am sick, and if theres anything he might think it could be. Cant be baby with problems cos nothing was found today. Perhaps just all stretching inside.

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