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As dad answered it was him who gave me away Craig and i moved up the stairs. That is when i looked him right in the eyes, i could see tears, tears of happiness and tear of joy. Vows were said, rings exchanged and then those words I’ve dreamt of were announced ‘Husband and Wife’. I was over joyed and apparently went in for the tongue…LOL this i don’t recall, but who cares, it was our moment!

Certificates were signed and more photos taken.

It was then the moment i had also been waiting for ‘ PLease stand for Craig and Kimberley Marchant’. As we walked out i was finally able to see all the familiar faces around us. Outside we said our hi’s and we received our congratulations off every one. Last but not least the sound i was waiting for, the ringing of the bells. I think my smiles summed up just how happy i was to hear them.

By 4pm guest had began leaving for reception, and the bridal party jumped back into the limos once again for the next lot of photos at Studley Park House. Also where the reception was being located (it was in the golf club though, the house is on the same property). When we arrived i was feeling a little tipsy, the wine i had after the church had gone to my head!

As the sun was setting, the best shots were coming out. After a long session we all headed to relax and get a drink.. or two.

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