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After we had all relaxed and composed ourselves, it was time to enter the party!

Brendan and Dannika were first to enter, then Sam and Rhiannon, Angela and James, Sarah and Mathew followed lastly by Terry and Melinda. Once they were all in it was our turn and my smiles said it all. As Craig and I entered everyone was cheering and clapping, was the best feeling i could have ever felt.

On the way in i had a good look at the cake, cos until then i had forgotten what it looked like. As i expected it looked perfect. Once we were all seated we done the hello rounds yet again for those we had missed at the church.

Dinner was served and everyone dug in. Food was yummy, not a bad word was said about it.

Speeches followed. They were all so moving and not one speech didn’t bring a tear to our eyes. For me by the time it was my turn i was full of emotion, and could not hold it together. I cried :( but lucky for me Mel took over. We then cut the cake After all the speeches and cake cutting were out of the way, the bridal dance. I felt so good, and the song we had meant to much. Beautiful in my eyes by Joshua Kadison. Everyone slowly started joining in and the dancing took off.

I was on a natural high and i was having a ball. I didn’t care what any one thought, was my night and ill party if i wanna… that i did.

The night flew, before i knew it, it was 10.15 and we had 30 minutes before Craig and I left. The bouquet was thrown, Rhiannon was the lucky girl. Garter was done after much embarrassment with the comments being thrown from everyone. Stuart, Wendy’s Fiance was the lucky man that caught it.

The farewell circle was made and the good byes began. Was all going well til i reached mum and dad. Mum was fine, but dad had me in tears. It was a long hug and kiss, dad had made me feel so special and words can not thank either of them enough for such a special day.

We had an archway as we left and a limo waited for us. Finally we were in the car and guests were waving us farewell.

Back at the motel we were able to reflect on the most memorable night of our lives.

Both agreed it was as good as had imagined, if not better :)

On behalf of Craig and I we send out our thanks to all our family and friends who made our night the best ever.

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