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I have not wrote for a long time as I’ve been busy or not feeling the best, but ill get back into the habit now!

Latest updates:

* Bub moves all the time and forever kicks
* Craig been working long hours
* Wedding photos are ready to pick up
* Been baby shopping and spent way to much money
* Have decided to move to Newcastle very early next year
* Craig ended up in hospital on Thursday 10th August and had surgery on the Friday…….WTF??

Yep last Wednesday night we got our marine fish tank delivered. Craig being excited wanted to set it up, which was fine until one of the hoses got stuck and he thought a knife would help to get it off the pipe it was stuck on. WRONG….

Well the knife is in one piece but left his hand a bloody mess. So first thing Thursday morning i dropped him up to Bowral hospital while i went to gym. When id finished i went back up to emergency to find out we then has to go to Liverpool Hospital cos it needed to be operated on. So off we went. When we arrived the hospital was gross. You felt so dirty and they tell you nothing. We waited 2 hours before we were seen, and they took one look and said they would get him on the emergency list for that day or the Friday. It turned out to be the Friday.

4.50am off went the alarm. 7.30am we arrived at the hospital once again. Got admission paperwork done and then headed up to periop room. By 8.35am Craig was gone and i was left alone….well until Kathy arrived from Newcastle!

We shopped all day and bought lotsa baby stuff. Around 2pm we headed back to the hospital. We were able to leave at 3.15pm with the patient all groggy and in pain.

Now his hand has feeling and a huge big cut, 8 stitches. We go back to the surgeon next week to see how things are going.

I also have a check up next Tuesday to see how things are going. When Craig was at Dr yesterday i went with him and had a mini check up cos i mentioned my headaches i always have that never go and he was a bit worried. But blood pressure was fine so not to sure why i have them.

Other then that, nothing else to report on.