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Last Wednesday was back to Curves for a weigh and measure. I gained 800 grams (sounds better then a kilo at least), and LOST 3 cm on my thighs!!! Everywhere else stayed steady.

My Friend as now lost a huge 14 kg, 81 cm and 7% body fat!! Keep up the good work girly.

Saturday 26th was Mums birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY. For it dad, Craig and I took her to Sizzlers. Was yummy too!

Today we go and pick out our wedding album.

I’m in the middle of planning an ‘all occasion’ party for end of October. Its pretty easy, just hope my friends come along now!! LOL

Thats about all to report on. Bub is doing well, very active and growing nicely i think. I know my tummy sure is growing ;)