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All GOOD news! Results come back great, and nothing wrong with my levels :)

So that’s a relief for both Craig and I. Finally have print outs of all my pathology tests ready for a hospital in Melbourne.

The packing is slowly getting there, but the place still looks as if we have packed nothing! I do know it looks as if a bomb as hit it, junk everywhere…..its a complete mess.

Today is Craigs last day at Ace, I’m sure he will miss everyone there as they all have been so great to him.

The weekend BBQ is off because as per usual, all my friends had some excuse as to why they couldn’t make it, but that’s ok, i know i tried to see them all. Their loss, not mine in the long run. I wont be making any special trips up here to see any of them once i move.

Had Curves weigh in yesterday…i will not even bother with the outcome cos all the numbers went UP and UP!!

Another birthday for the month was Daniel on the 27th for my brother in law (Renee’s Hubby). HAPPY BIRTHDAY Daniel :)

10 days til we move :D

Whats new….

Dads birthday was on Friday 22nd September. HAPPY BIRTHDAY :)

We got a house in Berwick, not the one we liked the most but still a nice house.

This weekend with a bit of luck, some of my friends will come over so we can have a nice BBQ and catch up before we leave. If not, ah well, i know i have made the effort to say farewell before we move. I will miss everyone alot, but will come up now and then to see them, or luck might see them come down to us…lol.

With bad weather yesterday we lost power for 17 hours and lost a few of our tropical fish :(

We also lost our fridge/freezer full of food. We had only just been shopping as well. When we left we had power, and returned to nothing.

Thats about all.

Oh, and i go back to the doctors today for my blood results. Hopefully it wont be GD but just have to wait and see, and if it is deal with it.

Craig has been offered a new job in MELBOURNE therefore we are moving!!!!!!!

Thats right we move on Monday 9th October and i cant wait. Its like a ticket to a new world. Whilst I’ll miss all my family and my friends its an opportunity we could not pass up.

Last weekend we headed down to go rental house hunting, how fun…NOT. On Friday we looked at a few places and i just didn’t feel safe or ok with the areas, so we called it a day. First thing Saturday morning Shane and Mick helped us look in a different area. Narre Warren and Berwick. Here is where we thought all our dreams had come true (ok well mine cos i found big shopping centres and things to amuse myself with). At the end of a long day we narrowed it down to 4 houses to apply for.

Over the last day and today i have been getting calls from the real estate down in VIC confirming details etc so hopefully we will know soon if we have scored one of the homes we applied for.

Packing has begun and its not a nice job at all. With baby on board it makes me tired and all my body is aching but i’m getting there. :(

Last Wednesday, the day after my GT test my Dr called to say he wanted me to have an extended 2 hour oral glucose challenge test done as my results had come back sky high, so now I’m in panic mode over that. I go back Friday for the test. Back to see the Dr next week so i hope the results are also in and theres nothing for me to be worrying about.

Other then that not much else is new to report on.

Pin Cushion

Last Thursday i went back to doctors for a check-up, had been 6 weeks since id last had a full one. Any how, everything is fine, blood pressure was a little high but Dr didn’t seem to be worried about that, babies movements were good, and fundal height is 28cm. Which is also pretty spot on. 1cm=1 week pregnancy (that’s how they work it out any how). I go back in 4 weeks time.

27 weeks + 5 days =28cm. So pretty close to the 28 weeks.

Today i had to go back to the doctors again, but for tests. It was my routine 28 week blood testing and glucose test day :(

How exciting…NOT. Everyone had been telling me how awful this drink is you have before the glucose test, and i actually didn’t mind it at all. Was nice i thought. Bit like flat lemonade but still i’d drink it again no hassles. I ring up again in a few days and test results should be in. What they were mainly checking for was gestational diabetes (GD), i have a chance i will get them, but the test will confirm whether or not i do. Normally GD go after pregnancy, or i may actually have ‘real’ diabetes, type 2. But I’m not worrying yet til i see the results. It was all routine testing and nothing just for me in particular.

Not much else is going on around here. Theres been no more snakes bought into the house (well that i know of)! My baby Blossom cat turned one at the start of September. Minka and Dexter are 1 next month and then all my babies are over the age of 1 :)

Well yesterday started off like every other Monday. Got up at 7.30am, had a shower, drove Craig to work, i went to Curves,then come home.

But what does not normally happen is my cats bringing in the lovely Australian reptiles we have here.

It all started at 2pm when i got up to make my 2 minute noodles for lunch. When i went into the kitchen i seen Dexter and Minka playing with a skink, which is common, they play hockey with them before Minka bites off their lil tails (she never eats that bit) and proceeds to eat the body. I had put the noodles into the microwave and come back to the computer. BEEEEP BEEEEP off they went after 2 minutes. About a minute later i got up to get them. Walked into the kitchen to see not just Minka and Dexter, but also Pixie and Blossom all in the dining room…….with a SNAKE. Yes a snake.

Blossom and Dexter were pawing its head, and playing with its tail. Poor me was hyperventilating, heart racing and could not breathe. I ran to get my mobile and called Craig. I just kept screaming every time the cats touched it, fearing it would bite them. I was able to get all the cats into the laundry and shut the door. I called WIRES in a panic and they finally sent some one around. By then Craig had come home.

The snake then decided to slither in between the sliding door and the cavity. So we had to pull the whole door off to get it out. I was only a juvenile, about 50 cm long but that’s huge to me when we are talking about snakes. It was a copperhead. The WIRES lady took it home.

Now every time i go into the kitchen or dining room i picture the snake laying there and makes me shiver. I HATE SNAKES!!!!!!!

Other then that, i had a nice day :)