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Craig has been offered a new job in MELBOURNE therefore we are moving!!!!!!!

Thats right we move on Monday 9th October and i cant wait. Its like a ticket to a new world. Whilst I’ll miss all my family and my friends its an opportunity we could not pass up.

Last weekend we headed down to go rental house hunting, how fun…NOT. On Friday we looked at a few places and i just didn’t feel safe or ok with the areas, so we called it a day. First thing Saturday morning Shane and Mick helped us look in a different area. Narre Warren and Berwick. Here is where we thought all our dreams had come true (ok well mine cos i found big shopping centres and things to amuse myself with). At the end of a long day we narrowed it down to 4 houses to apply for.

Over the last day and today i have been getting calls from the real estate down in VIC confirming details etc so hopefully we will know soon if we have scored one of the homes we applied for.

Packing has begun and its not a nice job at all. With baby on board it makes me tired and all my body is aching but i’m getting there. :(

Last Wednesday, the day after my GT test my Dr called to say he wanted me to have an extended 2 hour oral glucose challenge test done as my results had come back sky high, so now I’m in panic mode over that. I go back Friday for the test. Back to see the Dr next week so i hope the results are also in and theres nothing for me to be worrying about.

Other then that not much else is new to report on.