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Whats new….

Dads birthday was on Friday 22nd September. HAPPY BIRTHDAY :)

We got a house in Berwick, not the one we liked the most but still a nice house.

This weekend with a bit of luck, some of my friends will come over so we can have a nice BBQ and catch up before we leave. If not, ah well, i know i have made the effort to say farewell before we move. I will miss everyone alot, but will come up now and then to see them, or luck might see them come down to us…lol.

With bad weather yesterday we lost power for 17 hours and lost a few of our tropical fish :(

We also lost our fridge/freezer full of food. We had only just been shopping as well. When we left we had power, and returned to nothing.

Thats about all.

Oh, and i go back to the doctors today for my blood results. Hopefully it wont be GD but just have to wait and see, and if it is deal with it.