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Well yesterday started off like every other Monday. Got up at 7.30am, had a shower, drove Craig to work, i went to Curves,then come home.

But what does not normally happen is my cats bringing in the lovely Australian reptiles we have here.

It all started at 2pm when i got up to make my 2 minute noodles for lunch. When i went into the kitchen i seen Dexter and Minka playing with a skink, which is common, they play hockey with them before Minka bites off their lil tails (she never eats that bit) and proceeds to eat the body. I had put the noodles into the microwave and come back to the computer. BEEEEP BEEEEP off they went after 2 minutes. About a minute later i got up to get them. Walked into the kitchen to see not just Minka and Dexter, but also Pixie and Blossom all in the dining room…….with a SNAKE. Yes a snake.

Blossom and Dexter were pawing its head, and playing with its tail. Poor me was hyperventilating, heart racing and could not breathe. I ran to get my mobile and called Craig. I just kept screaming every time the cats touched it, fearing it would bite them. I was able to get all the cats into the laundry and shut the door. I called WIRES in a panic and they finally sent some one around. By then Craig had come home.

The snake then decided to slither in between the sliding door and the cavity. So we had to pull the whole door off to get it out. I was only a juvenile, about 50 cm long but that’s huge to me when we are talking about snakes. It was a copperhead. The WIRES lady took it home.

Now every time i go into the kitchen or dining room i picture the snake laying there and makes me shiver. I HATE SNAKES!!!!!!!

Other then that, i had a nice day :)

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