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Last Thursday i went back to doctors for a check-up, had been 6 weeks since id last had a full one. Any how, everything is fine, blood pressure was a little high but Dr didn’t seem to be worried about that, babies movements were good, and fundal height is 28cm. Which is also pretty spot on. 1cm=1 week pregnancy (that’s how they work it out any how). I go back in 4 weeks time.

27 weeks + 5 days =28cm. So pretty close to the 28 weeks.

Today i had to go back to the doctors again, but for tests. It was my routine 28 week blood testing and glucose test day :(

How exciting…NOT. Everyone had been telling me how awful this drink is you have before the glucose test, and i actually didn’t mind it at all. Was nice i thought. Bit like flat lemonade but still i’d drink it again no hassles. I ring up again in a few days and test results should be in. What they were mainly checking for was gestational diabetes (GD), i have a chance i will get them, but the test will confirm whether or not i do. Normally GD go after pregnancy, or i may actually have ‘real’ diabetes, type 2. But I’m not worrying yet til i see the results. It was all routine testing and nothing just for me in particular.

Not much else is going on around here. Theres been no more snakes bought into the house (well that i know of)! My baby Blossom cat turned one at the start of September. Minka and Dexter are 1 next month and then all my babies are over the age of 1 :)

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