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All GOOD news! Results come back great, and nothing wrong with my levels :)

So that’s a relief for both Craig and I. Finally have print outs of all my pathology tests ready for a hospital in Melbourne.

The packing is slowly getting there, but the place still looks as if we have packed nothing! I do know it looks as if a bomb as hit it, junk everywhere…..its a complete mess.

Today is Craigs last day at Ace, I’m sure he will miss everyone there as they all have been so great to him.

The weekend BBQ is off because as per usual, all my friends had some excuse as to why they couldn’t make it, but that’s ok, i know i tried to see them all. Their loss, not mine in the long run. I wont be making any special trips up here to see any of them once i move.

Had Curves weigh in yesterday…i will not even bother with the outcome cos all the numbers went UP and UP!!

Another birthday for the month was Daniel on the 27th for my brother in law (Renee’s Hubby). HAPPY BIRTHDAY Daniel :)

10 days til we move :D

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