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Today Mum, Renee, Rhiannon and Brendan headed off. They were leaving on Friday but i think after my ‘moods’ on Tuesday night they decided to leave early. Mum told me it was because they wanted to head off to Balarat before heading home. That’s ok though. i appreciated the help they gave, i cant help it if they may have taken offence to my foul mood, i was happy to do everything alone while they rested and took it easy. But i guess they took it as a negative ‘insult’ towards them… not to sure. Does not matter now….they have gone and I’m sure enjoying their trip back to sunny (and not quite so hot NSW).

Craig also had to go into work….Wasn’t meant to until Monday so this upset me a lot. First my family go and then he does. Not to mention once again I’m like a power puff balloon.

12.30 pm i headed up to the doctors. Explained id just moved and last few days i had been suffering severe headaches, pains down my right side, back pain, feet were swollen so much i had no ankles and lil stubby toes pointing out, and my stomach was aching beyond belief.

He took one look at my feet and wrists and began to worry. Done blood pressure was 130/85. The highest i have had this whole Pg, again he said its very high, but any thing under 140 is still ok but will need to be monitored very closely. Done a urine test where he found 1+ of protein as well as some cultures, so now its being sent off to be further tested. Fundal height was at 33cm which is good. At first he couldn’t find a heart beat and i began to worry, but bub was laying face down (or back up to my tummy), made it hard, so Dr was prodding and it turned enough for him to get a heart beat of 152.

Other then that Dr found no real worries but wants to see me again on Monday to talk through test results and check blood pressure and swelling again.

Wednesday-OUCH. Bub had not approved of my late night antics and was having revenge once again. My back was killing, my side was aching and my feet and wrists were like balloons. When Renee and Mum got home from town they demanded i see a Dr straight away. I went to a few but were all booked up until today (Thursday). Made an appointment for 12.30pm.

Monash Medical Centre in Clayton also got in contact with me and im now booked into that hospital. Have an appointment on 27th OCtober with the Doctor and midwife.

Took it easy all day, unpacked a total of 1 box :( But did however get the grocery shopping done thanks to mum who paid for me.

We all had an early night, Mum and the gang were heading off the next day.

Tuesday seen mum, Rhiannon, Brendan and me head for Melbourne. At 6.30am we were walking out the door. Was the hardest thing i think i have ever had to do….leave my dad. I knew i was going to get upset. As he kissed Mum, Rhi and Brendan bye i knew my turn was coming up as well. I took one look at him and burst. Hugging him like i was leaving for good, tears flowing like a river. Was so hard, but knew i had to be strong. Reassuring him his grandchild had no choice but to come out soon, i would be seeing him with in a month or 2 no matter what. I think it is hard on dad, Renee is 4 hours away, in the same state, heres me, his baby, 9 hours and a new state away. Sure theres the phone, but nothing beats being able to see a human life in the flesh.

Hopping in the car and driving down the road all i could do was picture the sadness in his eyes and face. I hope he is going to be ok, cos i sure as hell miss him so much already. Dad has been so good to me and now he is so far away.

Any how, we jetted off. Stopping at Yass, Holbrook and Glenrowan on the way for food, fuel or much needed toilet and leg stretching breaks.

Finaly arrived ‘home’ around 5pm. Some unpacking had been done. I was tired and in pain but knew i must begin on the unpacking. I got on every ones nerves, didn’t want their help, refused it when they offered. I just wanted to get in and do it, and the others could rest and relax. Once they had all gone to bed i was able to stop my macho women attitude and ‘show’ pain. Headed to bed around 1.30 am, with some unpacking done, but was disappointed in not having more completed.

Monday seen the truck arrive a tad late…..9.45am….was meant to be between 7-8am….

Renee and Craig headed off for Melbourne with the cats, while mum, Rhinannon, Brendan and I stayed behind to clean the house. The truck left around 2.30pm with most of the stuff, minus a few things which are being sent on another load next week.

When we left the old house it looked spotless. Was sad to leave it, knowing we were never returning to it, but instead going to a new place, new town and away from every one.

That night i called Craig to see how the cats went in the travel, all went well, no nasty mess through the car, all behaved (helped by the valium our vet gave us to calm them down). They were settling in very nicely and were up to usual tricks of climbing on everything :)

We had an early night of 9.30pm ready for our big adventure the next day….and the 5am wake up.