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Today i decided i’d sort out bub’s clothes and give them a wash. Turns out this child has more clothes than Craig and me put together!! Heres me thinking we had hardly any clothes for it when it arrived.

Had a quite weekend. Saturday we were going to the baby expo but weather was miserable and i just couldn’t be bothered going, so we stayed home and done a few things round the house. Shane and Mick came over in the afternoon bearing flowers, gifts for bub and cheesecake all the make me feel better (after having such a bad day on Friday where i’d cry for no reason and was generally in a low mood). Had a good chat and some dinner.

Sunday Craig and i done some washing (of our own, there was enough of it). Some yard work and we met up with Rachel for a milkshake and chit chat. She is really nice and friendly. Happy to have met some one from around here on the same level as me…lol.

Cleaned the house so i didn’t have as much to do today. Just have spare bed to make up and the washing up…which keeps growing every time i seem to look at it!