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Today Mum, Renee, Rhiannon and Brendan headed off. They were leaving on Friday but i think after my ‘moods’ on Tuesday night they decided to leave early. Mum told me it was because they wanted to head off to Balarat before heading home. That’s ok though. i appreciated the help they gave, i cant help it if they may have taken offence to my foul mood, i was happy to do everything alone while they rested and took it easy. But i guess they took it as a negative ‘insult’ towards them… not to sure. Does not matter now….they have gone and I’m sure enjoying their trip back to sunny (and not quite so hot NSW).

Craig also had to go into work….Wasn’t meant to until Monday so this upset me a lot. First my family go and then he does. Not to mention once again I’m like a power puff balloon.

12.30 pm i headed up to the doctors. Explained id just moved and last few days i had been suffering severe headaches, pains down my right side, back pain, feet were swollen so much i had no ankles and lil stubby toes pointing out, and my stomach was aching beyond belief.

He took one look at my feet and wrists and began to worry. Done blood pressure was 130/85. The highest i have had this whole Pg, again he said its very high, but any thing under 140 is still ok but will need to be monitored very closely. Done a urine test where he found 1+ of protein as well as some cultures, so now its being sent off to be further tested. Fundal height was at 33cm which is good. At first he couldn’t find a heart beat and i began to worry, but bub was laying face down (or back up to my tummy), made it hard, so Dr was prodding and it turned enough for him to get a heart beat of 152.

Other then that Dr found no real worries but wants to see me again on Monday to talk through test results and check blood pressure and swelling again.

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